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  • Compression Springs-Image
    Compression Springs - (369 companies)
    ...on the adjacent coil. Stress exists in compression springs in the form of torsion. Stress governs life expectancy, and the higher a spring's stress range, the lower the maximum stress must be to obtain comparable life. Pitch is the distance between a coil...
    Coil Shape / Spring Type
    Outer Diameter (OD)
    Inner Diameter (ID)
    Spring Stops - (20 companies)
    How to Select Spring Stops. Spring stops, also referred to as spring stop buttons, are used for light workholding applications to hold a work piece to a locating surface prior to clamping. Types of Spring Stops. Spring stops can be classified based...
  • Inductors, Coils, and Chokes-Image
    Inductors, Coils, and Chokes - (955 companies)
    Inductors coils and chokes are passive components that are designed to resist changes in current and store energy in the form of a magnetic field. Inductors, coils and chokes are passive devices that are designed to resist changes in current...
  • Industrial Pins-Image
    Industrial Pins - (717 companies)
    ...under the nominal size. Spring Pins. Coiled spring pin. Image credit: Apex Fasteners. Coiled spring pins are made of steel or other metal. They are coiled into a hollow cylindrical shape. Roll/slotted spring pin. Image credit: Apex Fasteners. Roll...
  • Lifts-Image
    Lifts - (1577 companies)
    Lifts are used to raise and lower material, personnel, vehicles, and workpieces for loading and working positioning. Image Credit: Presto Lifts, Inc. Lifts are work platforms used to raise and lower material, personnel and workpieces for loading...
    Hose Clamps and Band Clamps - (342 companies)
    Spring hose clamps uses spring action to tighten. Using a tool, the clamp is expanded to fit into position. Once placed, spring action of clamp holds and secures in position. T-bolt band clamps, or simply T-bolt clamps, are band clamps that use a T-bolt...
    Air Springs - (54 companies)
    Air springs contain a column of air in an elastomeric bellow or sleeve to provide suspension, isolation, or actuation. Commonly found in vehicle suspension systems, perhaps in conjunction with a coil spring, they are also used to insulate vibration...
    Torsion Springs - (242 companies)
    ...are subject to bending stress--not torsion--as the torque is carried through the length of the wound material. The spring coil's diameter reduces and the body length increases as the legs (work points) of the spring are deflected. Operation. The legs...
    Flat Springs - (97 companies)
    ...come in a variety of configurations depending on the application. They include leaf springs and flat coil springs. A leaf spring is an important component in a suspension, such as in a car or other vehicle, where it can provide stability and help...
    Hand Clamps - (415 companies)
    Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components used to hold and position work for assembly, forming, welding, inspection and machining applications. Image Credit: Wright Tool | Acme Tools | Acme Tools. Hand clamps are temporary fixturing components...

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