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  • How to Choose a Marine Computer:Criteria for Selection (.pdf)
    information systems. Powerful computers are needed to effectively integrate, monitor, and optimize these peripheral devices. Selecting a computer that's up to this challenge has become a crucial part of configuring a first-rate seagoing vessel. However, selecting the best computer for your marine
  • Computer Power User Article - Essential Overclocking Utilities
    BurnInTest Professional displays system info and summarizes system performance during its tests. CpuIdle acts to keep the processor cool and, as a result, makes the entire system more stable. The utility lets you monitor both the CPU idle and cooling times from an on-screen display. The software
  • Computer Power User Article - Essential Notebook Apps
    program that turns your laptop's screen into a second monitor for your PC. You just network the two machines via TCP/IP (Ethernet, a wireless LAN, or FireWire will do), install software on both PCs, and voila, the desktop thinks it has two screens. (And if it already has two, it will have three.) We
  • Computer Power User Article - Firewall Fitness
    your system. Because software firewalls monitor traffic on the application level, they offer better protection from Trojans and spyware. Of course, you'll need to install a software firewall on each PC, which can get expensive if you're paying for multiple copies. Before someone can attack your
  • Computer Power User Article - All The Better To See You With
    the camera from requires you to install this software locally in order to do things such as record from the camera or use motion detection functions. That said, the motion detection is sophisticated enough to let users select specific areas of the screen for monitoring. Just highlight the pixels
  • Computer Power User Article - More Room To Roam
    In November 2000, ATI announced a strategic relationship with Appian Graphics that let ATI bundle Appian's HydraVision desktop-management software with ATI hardware. In 2001, ATI bought the app outright for $2 million and has since integrated various improvements, culminating in the latest
  • Computer Power User Article - Elite LCDs
    Pitting monitors against each other isn t as easy as comparing a bevy of graphics cards. There s a lot of variation, to begin. From size to aspect ratio to features to performance and price, one person s must-have spec might be trivial to someone else. And although it s pretty easy to judge
  • Computer Power User Article - Advanced Q&A Corner
    Classic black line tearing artifacts in this Far Cry shot are indicative of a Vsync issue, where monitor refresh rates can't keep up with graphics card frame rates. Enable Vsync in your driver control panel to remedy this situation. I'm getting really bad artifacts in DirectX games

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