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  • Package Hermeticity and Gas Analysis
    processing or may be generated internally after seal from material outgassing or decomposition, a primary source is the ingress of moisture that occurs because of a non-hermetic package seal. Usually, to evaluate overall package integrity, both fine and gross leak tests are required to test the full
  • Two Solutions to Static Problems in Semiconductor Die Bonder Operation
    to opposing leads on the hermetic package. Eventually, this hermetic package encases the entire die or chip. These leads are the link from the semiconductor die to the rest of the circuit when it is mounted on a circuit board or flex circuit substrate.
  • Case Study # 3 - DRO Housing
    hermeticity.Telecommunication and other microelectronic devices need to be protected by being sealed in a hermetic package. This housing is used in a microwave telecom application. It was originally developed by machining of a popular Fe 49% Ni alloy. The material is expensive to throw away chips, and is 'tough and gummy
  • Medical Device Link .
    devices. Providing a hermetic package for the electronics serves two purposes: it keeps body fluids away from the electronic parts, and it prevents potentially toxic substances in the electronic package from entering the body. Many electronic implantables contain batteries, which in turn contain
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    and cables prior to vibration testing. Accelerometer designs with hermetic housings and connectors can have low outgassing qualities. For all non-metallic materials outside of a hermetic package, such as cables with polymer strain relief that do not typically have low outgassing qualities, verification
  • Eliminating Flux Residue in OPTO-Electronic Packages (.pdf)
    With the advent of opto-electronic hermetic packages, it has become necessary to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, foreign materials that can cause reliability problems on the optical components inside the package. One material that has been identified as a possible source for unwanted
  • Problems with the Glass to Metal Seal in Electronics
    and flip-phones, and pretty much any metal package of electronic components - without the hermetic glass to metal seal, our technological lives would undoubtedly be very different.
  • Application Note: LynX TM Silicon Photomultiplier Module User Guide
    Excelitas' new LynXTM Silicon Photomultiplier Module is a compact, easy-to use,. analogue low light level detection (L3D) module employing Excelitas'. leading-edge C30742 Series Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) chip in a hermetic. TO-8 package with thermoelectric cooler, a stable voltage power supply

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  • Implantable Neural Prostheses 2
    The techniques covered include biocompatibility and biostability, hermetic packaging , electrochemical techniques for neural stimulation applications, novel electrode materials and testing, thin-film flexible microelectrode arrays, in situ charac- terization of microelectrode arrays, chip-size thin-film device encapsulation, microchip-embedded capacitors and …
  • MEMS Materials and Processes Handbook
    He, C.J. Kim: On-chip hermetic packaging enabled by post-deposition electro- chemical etching of polysilicon.
  • Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
    He, C.J. Kim: On-chip hermetic packaging en- abled by post-deposition electrochemical etching of polysilicon, Proc. 18th Int. Conf.
  • Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
    He, C. J. Kim: On-Chip Hermetic Packaging En- abled by Post-Deposition Electrochemical Etching of Polysilicon, Proceedings of the 18th Inter- national Conference on Microelectromechanical Systems (IEEE, Piscataway NJ 2005) pp. 544–547 10.20 S. K. Ghandhi: VLSI Fabrication Principles – …
  • RF MEMS: Theory Design and Technology
    … DC-Contact Series Switches, 161 Fabrication of Lateral DC-Contact Switches, 164 MEMS Release Procedures, 165 Substrate Transfer Process, 167 Fabrication, Substrate Transfer, and Packaging of the Omron DC-Contact Series Switch, 169 6.8 Conventional Hermetic Packaging of MEMS Switches, 171 …
  • Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
    Fig. 36.7 DMD products in hermetic packages .
  • Microsystems and Nanotechnology
    Hermetic packaging is desirable in most cases because it provides a moisture free environment to avoid charge separation in capacitive devices, corrosion in metallization, or electrolytic conduction, in order to prolong the lifetime of the electronic circuitry.
  • Fundamentals of Microsystems Packaging > FUNDAMENTALS OF SEALING AND ENCAPSULATION
    Finally, the difference in hermetic vs. non- hermetic packaging , and how to achieve reliability without hermeticity, is indicated.