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  • Part 2-Flow Energy Management Applications-Installation Tips & Tricks
    calls for flexibility in your equipment. Look for a liquid flow meter clamp-on sensors with a high-powered ultrasonic pulse and digital signal processing that requires just one set of transducers for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials like metal, plastic, and concrete. These baseline features
  • TECH TIPS on Implementing the IIOT via IO-Link
    , ultrasonic, pressure, temperature, flow, linear position, rotary, HF RFID, and inclination sensors. The structure. of IO-Link means that properly configured sensors can act as switches, transmit data, or both. For example, capacitive proximity sensors detect the presence of liquids and solids
  • Bringing Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings to Veteran's Facilities
    to measure the thermal/BTU energy. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for this type of water measurement due to high accuracy at low and high flows, installation with no pipe cutting or process shutdown, and immunity to external noise. Coupled with temperature sensors on the "hot" and "cold" legs

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  • Ultrasonic High-Temperature Sensors: Past Experiments and Prospects for Future Use
    I. Huhtiniemi, E. Jorzik, M. Anselmi, Special instrumentation developed for FARO and KROTOS FCI experiments: high temperature ultrasonic sensor and dynamic level sensor. in IAEA Technical Meeting, Halden, 3–5 Sept 2007 3.
  • OECD MCCI project enhancing instrumentation for reactor materials experiments, Rev. 0 September 3, 2002.
    [6] Huhtiniemi I, Jorzik E, Anselmi M, Special instrumentation developed for FARO and KROTOS FCI experiments: high temperature ultrasonic sensor and dynamic level sensor, Proceedings of the OECD/CSNI Specialist Meeting on Advanced Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques, pp. 45-53, Santa Barbara, California …
  • Ultrasonic and resistive hydrogen sensors for inert gas-water vapour atmospheres
    … hydrogen in aqueous systems at high subcritical and supercritical temperatures J. Supercritical Fluids 8 263–70 [16] Huhtiniemi I and Jorzik E 1997 Special instrumentation developed for FARO and KROTOS FCI experiments: high temperature ultrasonic sensor and dynamic level sensor OECD/CSNI Specialist Meeting …
  • 1981 Index - IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics
    water- level sensors ; high - temperature high-pressure ultrasonic sensor; .
  • Design of Measurement and Control System for Oil Level of Wells
    and then converted to the oil level high H. Ultrasonic spread speed in medium is concerned with surrounding temperature ; therefore temperature compensation sensor is needed to improve the measuring precision.
  • Torsional ultrasonic technique for reactor vessel liquid level measurement
    A liquid- level sensor based on the ultrasonic technique is a promis- ing long-term solution for monitoring core cooling.1 An instrument based on the technique can display temperature and density profiles of high resolution along a chosen path through the …
  • Physiology of the human
    … 808 ä Ulkuskrankheit, Helicobacter-pylori-infection 808 ä ultrafiltration 42 ultrafiltration coefficient 636 ultrasonic sensors 255 ultraviolet radiation of … … flavor 187 discomfort swells, sound pressure level , high to 389 Umbilikalarterien 473 Umbilikalvene … … influence, learning 208 ambient temperature , heating balance 848 reverse …
  • Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems 2010
    … is related to the performance of each of these independent processes; secondly, the high level of geometrical uncertainty in … … a consequence of the high temperature differences on each process … … proc- ess by the ultrasonic Lamb wave (ULW) sensor stem to the surface …
  • SensEdu-an Internet course for teaching sensorics
    … different purposes: pressure, humidity, temperature , IR radiation, laser power … … • Low cost pressure sensors on thick-film and … … the Fund for Hungarian Higher Education and Research) • … … for monitoring pressure, liquid level (supported by the Fund … … • Signal conditioning of ultrasonic echo detectors (industrial support …
  • Machine Design and Manufacturing Engineering II
    … platform, carrying visible camera, infrared thermal imager, pick-up, ultrasonic sensors , the magnetic path navigation … … path planning for outdoor high voltage equipment independently or … … machine vision, the infrared temperature measurement, sound detection method … … the meter reading, oil level gauge position and so …