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  • Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Travel is Slower Than Normal--Do I find the Problems with a Pressure Gauge or Flow Meter?
    The single, most common problem with a hydraulic system is that the actuator (cylinder or hydraulic motor) slows down progressively as the oil temperature increases. There seems to be some confusion as to whether the problem is related to pressure, or flow, so let's clear the matter up.
  • Improved Cylinder Duty Cycle
    A coke plant was spending in excess of $500,000 / year in hydraulic cylinder repair and had been previously trying to reduce repair cost by pursuing vendors with a low cost repair philosophy. The combination of high heat and coke dust created an environment that is one of the most challenging
  • Caster Segment Clamping Cylinder Upgrade
    An electric arc furnace steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the segment clamp circuit. New cylinders were failing in 3-8 weeks.
  • Dummy Bar Disconnect Cylinder Upgrade
    A steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the caster dummy bar disconnect cylinder. Failures were so common and repair times so lengthy that three spares were required for one operating unit.
  • Case study - JCB Construcion Machines
    When JCB, the global manufacturer of construction machines, identified a need for a steep improvement in the performance of their hydraulic cylinder sealing systems,
  • How A Booster Works
    A booster, or pressure intensifier, is a device that amplifies available line pressure in order to perform work requiring much higher pressure. It operates a hydraulic cylinder without the need for a hydraulic power unit.
    USING HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS IN HIGH TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENTS... Hydraulic cylinders are typically designed to operate in environments below 180° F. But, if the application requires a hotter environment, what can you do? This white paper will discuss causes of high temperature, issues related to high
  • Implenting RFID with Tie-Rod Cylinders
    The shutdown timing is critical, and the maintenance manager wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. Hydraulic cylinders are a critical part of the process, and during the shutdown, the manager has to replace a hydraulic cylinder's rod end wiper and seal to ensure continual future performance.

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  • Oil hydraulic system
    The indications for the practice The frictional force are a projecting criterion for judgment of the quality of hydraulic cylinders .
  • Advances in Manufacturing Technology
    The Application of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Technology in the Hydraulic Cylinder Production Process .
  • Oil hydraulic system
    Firm font W. hunger, Lohr: hydraulic cylinder mechanism 415.
  • Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication
    Hydraulic cylinder (allowance/ clearance .
  • Social Robotics
    With respect to the common walking robot, the particular design of the hydraulic cylinders does not let neglect the weight of the legs in terms of static stability.
  • Fluid Dynamic and Mechanical & Electrical Control Engineering
    … D. Xu and G.Q. Huang Simulation Analysis on Four Corners Leveling System of FRP Products Hydraulic Press J. Yu, Q.L. Yan, G.Q. Huang and J.P. Li Simulation and Analysis on Main Synchronized Hydraulic Cylinder of Huge Hydraulic Press …
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    Based on the shield mechanical optimization model, the law of force transmission for hydraulic cylinders of the thrust system has been analyzed in more detail and the result could provide a theoretical foundation and support for the design of shield tunneling ma …
  • Fluid technique in motor vehicles
    Become in motor vehicles e.g. hydraulic or pneumatic braking systems, hydraulic steering supports, hydraulic or pneumatic dampers, hydrodynamic transducer, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pumps or - motors used for the most different applications.