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    Valve Boxes and Curb Boxes - (34 companies)
    Valve boxes and curb boxes are underground devices that protect valves within water, wastewater and gas utility lines. They also permit access for valve operation. Valve boxes and curb boxes telescope outwards and consist of upper and lower sections...
  • Control Valves-Image
    Control Valves - (1594 companies)
    ...sanitary, waste water, water, irrigation, gas or air, steam, fire service, cryogenic, refrigeration, chemicals, and laboratory or medical. Resources. Common Valve Types. Spirax Sarco - Control Valves. Control Valves and Flow Characteristics...
  • Solenoid Valves-Image
    Solenoid Valves - (964 companies) regulate the flow of heated water to the heating element. They are also used in automatic irrigation sprinkler systems, air control, fluid control, and in pharmacology experiments. For more information, read Engineering360's Valve Applications page. Types...
  • Gas Valves-Image
    Gas Valves - (512 companies)
    ...service. Flood control. Food processing. Irrigation. Maritime. Medical. Mining. Petroleum. Power generation. Pulp and paper. Semiconductor. High-purity gas valves are used to handle gases such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Video credit...
  • Ball Valves-Image
    Ball Valves - (2027 companies)
    ...are used in situations where tight shut-off is required. They are wide duty valves, able to transfer gases, liquids and liquids with suspended solids (slurries). Ball valves provide tight shut-off and characterizable control. They have high rangeability...
    Butterfly Valves - (1223 companies)
    Butterfly valves control flow through a circular disc or vane by turning the valve's pivot axis at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe. They are normally used as throttling valves to control flow. Butterfly valves are quarter-turn...
    Gate Valves - (1133 companies)
    ...occurs when the valve is in the fully open position. For more information, read IEEE GlobalSpec's Valve Flow and Sizing page. Method of Control. The closure element of a gate valve is a replaceable disk. To open the valve, the disk is completely...
    Hydraulic Valves - (673 companies)
    Hydraulic valves contain and transfer the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid in hydraulic power systems. They range from simple shutoff valves to precision control valves. In their unpowered state, hydraulic valves can be normally open (open...
    Check Valves - (1886 companies)
    Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. Check valves are self-activating safety valves...
    Globe Valves - (780 companies)
    Directory of Suppliers. Advantages. Disadvantages. Can be fast-acting. High head loss. Precise control. Large opening for disk assembly. Can be used in high-pressure systems. Heavier than other valves. Cantilevered mounting of the disk to the stem. Low...

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  • Bioassay design and length of time in the laboratory affect intercolonial interactions of the Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae)
    Termites were collected from field colonies in an urban forest, City Park, New Orleans, LA, where termites were being monitored in over 100 underground traps using cylindrical irrigation valve boxes ( NDS Inc, Lindsay, CA) that were buried in the ground and filled … There were ten control replicates for each colony.
  • Ya. M. Sverdlov Hydraulic Machinery Factory in the Urals
    … becomes more reliable through the smaller number of components in the kinematic linkages of the control system. The mechanically actuated pneumatic valve was replaced by an automatically operated valve. … projects include the work on the Op10-260 pump, which is intended for irrigation systems, and the … The design of the 18 NDS , 22NDS, and 20D6 horizontal pumps has been improved.
  • Sorghum irrigation equipment and regime with various watering methods under conditions of the Volgograd oblast
    On the experimental plot the SSI included: a floating pump station with a 12- NDS centrifugal pump, a pres- sure pipeline of 400-mm-diameter … … 4-m3 water pressure tank having a hydraulic water-level con- trol , a distribution pipeline of … The possibility of delivering irrigation water both to the entire system for conducting vegetative irri- gation and … Diagram of SSI and arrangement of experimental variants: (A) main pipeline, (B) valves , (C) water pressure tank …
  • Consequences of tadpole shrimp predation on mayflies in some Californian ponds
    Triops tongicatulattvi (LeContc). often was significantly lower than in pt) nds without tadpole shrimps. … VA commonly found in many man-made, transient habitats such as flix>d- irrigated agricultural fields (i … 1989), they have been proposed as a biological control agent for mosquitoes. Water levels in the ponds were maintained at a depth of 30cm by float valves .
  • Gulf of Mexico Sales 147 and 150: Central and western planning areas. Volume 2, Sections 4.D. through 9: Final Environmental Impact Statement
    … Hill'! mineralsaull)(_rl/edby;,illArt _I(.'ongre._.,,,t,)he r_roducc,d ll_m l'nlbilL'h_ nds _IsdelinedInSt'_:ii_HIIIL_, (_III_ … having control or management … R:_,_9-- A length c_lpipe ¢_r;_ series of pipes c_nnectcd to valves and ¢_ther control … … a natural or artificial pond or lake from which water is drawn for irrigation of water supply.
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials II
    Without loss of generality, given Φ represents NDS security property, Ω represents NNI, then p╞NDS, if and … … is applied to the peripheral layer of the apartment building with a response control structure (almost ninety … … mainly the drainage pipes [1-4], rivers [5,6], reservoirs [7,8], and irrigation canals [9] etc. … as shown in Figure 1 is a standard in-line four-cylinder, two valves in the home …
  • Materials Engineering and Automatic Control
    Performance prediction and design modifications of the drip irrigation sediment separator[J]. 3D DNA self-assembly Model for Minimum Control Sets Problem … with all its neighbors in the adjacent surface is greater than the system valve , it can be … dS = λ ∫∫ ∇T ⋅ ndS = − ∫∫ q ⋅ ndS = − ∫∫∫ ∇ ⋅ qdV .