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  • Case Study: Sensor Operating in Adverse Conditions for Paper Machines
    Modern high speed paper making machines are fantastic, producing 1500m of paper 9m wide per minute. It's a lot of paper moving very fast. And the quality of the paper produced is superb with different finishes required for different types of end use.
  • White Paper: Do You Know When Your Proximity Sensor is Sick?
    A proximity sensor is a sensor capable of detecting the. presence of nearby metal objects without any physical. contact. The proximity sensor generally functions. by detecting changes in a local electromagnetic. field. This field could be emitted by the proximity. sensor itself, or by the metal
  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    Over the years, many users have abandoned the use of reed switches due to their failure rate and have utilized mechanical or inductive sensors to detect pneumatic cylinder position. AMR and GMR sensors are smaller, faster, and easy to integrate and are much more reliable however; they must overcome
  • Combustible Gas Detector Sensor Drift: bead combustible sensor
    ,. including gas detection. This paper is. intended to provide an overview and. comparison of these two gas detection. technologies. Both sensor types offer. advantages and disadvantages; conditions. determine the better choice for specific. applications.
  • Image Sensor Architectures for Digital Cinematography
    Regardless of the technology of image acquisition (CCD or CMOS), electronic image sensors must capture incoming light, convert it to electric signal, measure that signal, and output it to supporting electronics. Similarly, regardless of the technology of image acquisition, cinematographers can
  • pH Sensors: Know whether to calibrate the sensor,
    This paper will address. * Knowing when to do a pH sensor calibration versus a calibration check. * How to properly clean a pH sensor. * How to perform a pH sensor calibration. * A decision tree for step by step guidance
  • Technical Paper: Handling and Load Precautions when using Reed Switches in various Sensor and Relay Applications (.pdf)
    Many users of Reed Switches for sensor and reed relay applications try to make the sensors and or relays themselves internally. Often however, they do not observe some basic precautions and preventive measures to insure reliable operation of the switch. Below we try to cover the key areas
  • How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers
    filters out the common mode voltage and delivers the differential voltage. This white paper discusses the basics of a three op amp INA and examines the advantages of zero-drift amplifiers, RFI input filters, monitoring sensor health and programmable gain amplifiers. We also review application examples

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