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  • Tips for no-melt machining
    use temperature of 500 F along with high strength, stiffness, and chemical inertness the machinable PI helps ensure that the rings stand up to the ravages of wafer processing. Called Duratron XP, the material is a ductile PI and, as such, resists chipping, breakage, and tool wear during machining

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  • Extrusion in Ceramics
    … but very hard-wearing industrial chromium plating • Cores and exit frames: hardened tool steel, chilled chromium-alloy cast iron, hard metal, ceramics, in some cases plastic material at low extrusion pressures, wear liners made of steel plate , industrial chrome plating, hardfacings …
  • Fabrication of Complex Optical Components
    As a mold material for replication of plastic optics, a nickel- phosphorous plated steel alloy is frequently chosen, which meets temperature and wear resistance requirements and can be machined with monocrystalline diamond tools.
  • Influence of Porosity on Friction and Wear of Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal
    A wear testing system is used with a reciprocally movingWear loss of ceramic materials is governed by both plastic pin-on- plate rig with a sinusoidal velocity and a load of 8 Ndeformation and fracture.7 .
  • Advances in Design Technology
    By using a new type of polymer plastic material made inclined plate , which make sure the surface of the plate have the properties of smooth, hydrophobic, antistatic and wear resistant, and fine mud could not easily bonding and accumulation onto the inclined …
  • Using polymer compounds in place of metal material to make cost‐effective parts
    Thus, in addition to accuracy and wear , the cost of manufacturing can be dramatically reduced if ball-locking or ball-sliding plates can be made with plastic materials with added fillers through microin- jection molding.
  • Alloys and Composites of Polybenzoxazines
    … filled composite materials have been developed and investigated for var- ious applications such as in the area of dental and orthopedic medicine, structural plastic materials , paper coatings, automotive products … … composite, electronic packaging, bipolar plate in fuel cell, erosion resistance, and friction wear .
    -The structure comprises shaped bodies of wear -resist- ant material positioned with respect to one another to define sieve openings, a supporting plate upon which the shaped bodies are assembled, and a plastic substance interconnecting the shaped bodies to one another so …
  • Fault-Diagnosis Systems
    Hence, most frequent failures are through bearings ( material fatigue with rent generation and pitting, wear , corrosion, plastic deformation or faults during assem- bling and lack of cooling), stator windings (overheating, loss of isolation, loose iron plates ), and squirrel-cage rotor (broken rotor …
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Environmental Protection Agency > Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards > Locating and Estimating Air Toxics Emissions > ...
    decorative plating, the base material (e.g., brass, steel, aluminum, or plastic ) generally is plated with a layer of nickel followed by a relatively thin layer of chromium to provide a bright surface with wear and tarnish resistance.