Wear Strips, Wear Plates, and Wear Parts Information

Wear plates, wear strips and wear parts are used to reduce wear or erosion in mechanical systems. They are used wherever abrasion, impact, or heat may cause wear and tear on mechanical components. The proper selection of wear strips, plates and parts requires an understanding of both application requirements and product specifications.

Wear plates, wear strips and wear parts include basalt or ceramic liners which protect manufacturing machinery from abrasion or impact. These specially-designed wear pads or linings are resistant to the abrasive effects of the bulk processing of grain, ore, salt, limestone, coal, glass, and fly ash. Other wear plates, strips and parts are made of bronze, chromium, tungsten, cast iron, or aluminum. A chromium wear plate is useful in harsh or severe environments because of its low coefficient of friction. Tungsten carbide wear plates are extremely wear resistant, as well as corrosion resistant. A tungsten carbide wear plate is used in mining applications, power generation, and cement manufacturing.


Wear plates, wear strips and wear parts are used in bearings systems, foundry mold slides, and gas turbines. A bronze wear plate is commonly used as the flow divider plate in a gas turbine. Wear plates, strips and parts also include components made of plastics and polymers. Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) wear strips are plastic films that can be bonded with an adhesive backing and attached to a variety of mechanical components, including bushings, bearings, blades, rails, liners, wipers, and guides. A UHMW wear strip comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be custom fit to specific machine parts.

Other wear plates, wear strips and wear parts include self-lubricating parts for use on impact-activated hinged doors. A self lubricated wear plate enables the door to be opened repeatedly from both directions while minimizing the wear on the hinge. Impact-activated hinged doors are used frequently in high traffic areas such as warehouses, grocery stores, and medical centers.