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  • Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment-Image
    Agricultural and Farming Products and Equipment - (889 companies) stationary mounts that are interlinking by pipe networks. Overhead nozzles can also be attached to vehicles with an on-board water supply, or be linked by a reeled hose to a cart that is pulled across the field as the hose is retracted. Center Pivot...
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  • Bearing Pullers-Image
    Bearing Pullers - (50 companies)
    Bearing pullers are devices for assembling and disassembling bearings. They are often hand-held and manually-powered devices, but this area also includes mountable and powered devices like bearing heaters used before assembly. A bearing puller...
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  • Handles and Pulls (industrial)-Image
    Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (454 companies)
    Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform a service. Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform...
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    Pulling and Support Grips - (37 companies)
    Pulling grips are mechanical devices used for the holding of a wire or cable so that it can be pulled without damage to the wire or cable jacket. Pulling grips pull cables, insulated conductors, ropes, and wires through enclosures, conduits...
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    Packing Hooks and Extractors - (30 companies)
    Packing hooks and extractors, also referred to as packing pullers, are tools that extract used packing material from pumps and valves. Packing hooks and extractors, also referred to as packing pullers, extract used packing material from pumps...
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    Mechanical Control Cables - (65 companies)
    Mechanical control cables provide a push-pull or other action to mechanically actuate components. Mechanical control cables consist of mechanical cable with attached eyes, forks, studs, handles or other fittings. Mechanical control cables provide...
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    Linear Solenoids - (138 companies)
    How to Select Linear Solenoids. Linear solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical power via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action. These transducers consist of a coil of wire, sometimes wrapped around an iron core...
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    Downstream Extrusion Equipment - (95 companies)
    Downstream extrusion equipment is used to finish and inspect parts once they have been extruded. Post-extrusion processing operations include cooling, cutting, pulling, texturing, embossing and profile inspection. Downstream extrusion equipment...
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    Sheaves - (142 companies)
    Sheaves are grooved wheels or pulleys used with rope or chain to change the direction and point of application of pulling force. There are many different types of products. Often, suppliers categorize sheaves by materials of construction...
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    Industrial Winches - (372 companies)
    Industrial winches are pulling devices that use a wire, rope, cable, strap or web to move heavy loads. They typically use a drum or reel for line storage and are either manually operated or powered by an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motor. How...
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  • Poultry Products Processing: An Industry Guide
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  • Manual logistics
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    tensions between Black and Hispanic poultry workers, and the role of whiteness and safety equipment as they go in and out of the bathroom in preparation for the shift guide, Diane, announces proudly that our smocks are made of recycled chicken feathers They quickly pass over a flame that burns off any remaining quills and begin a The “skin pullers ” are the first .
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  • Dictionary laboratory
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