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  • Servo System and Servo Motor
    According to the different types of servo integrated motors, they can be divided into two categories: high-voltage servo and low-voltage servo. Low-voltage servo is often a servo type with a motor power supply voltage of 48V or below. The power of the motor is below 1000W. It is small in size
  • Motion Accuracy of Stepping Servo
    The motion accuracy of stepping servo motors is related to the following factors: (1) Step angle: The step angle of the stepper motor determines the amount of rotation for each step. Usually, the step angle of a stepper motor is 1.8 degrees or 0.9 degrees. Smaller step angles provide higher
  • Motors and Drives: A Practical Technology Guide
    products: brush DC servo drives, DC drives, SCR DC drives, stepper drives / motors, AC servo drives, and brushless DC servo drives. Though in smaller percentage of use, encoderless flux vector, closed loop vector, and direct torque control type drives are gaining in popularity. It is hoped that this book
  • Piezo Motors: Principle of Operation for Engineers
    . The simultaneous excitation of the longitudinal extension mode and the transverse bending mode creates a small elliptical trajectory of the ceramic edge, thus achieving the dual mode standing wave motor patented by Nanomotion. By coupling the ceramic edge to a precision stage, a resultant driving force
  • Customized Servo Gearmotor, Wheels, and Bracket Assembly Making a Package Handling Robot Mobile
    The creator of a specialized robot needed a customized solution for mobility. The application needed a durable motor with low DC voltage and high torque requirements to overcome the system inertia while small enough to meet size and motion control movement for a smooth and uninterrupted operation
  • Revised Duty Cycle Calculations Using the Four-Parameter Thermal Model
    High-performance motion control demands compact and economical servomotors. Fortunately, because most servo applications only intermittently demand maximum continuous-torque motor output, a smaller motor that occasionally outputs peak torque is usually sufficient.
  • Gearhead Construction and Use
    to reconcile motor encoder counts with gearhead shaft position only to find a small but persistent position error. At first glance, the use of non-integer gear ratios appears to have no apparent purpose (with the possible exception of frustrating servo designers). There is a fundamentally sound reason
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    (DS 301 and DSP 402) and is certified by the CAN in Automation e.V. DC-, 2- and 3-phase servo-, stepper and linear motors can be controlled by it. Powerful algorithms and high sampling rates guarantee a high quality control. The interfaces for limit switches, digital and analog inputs and outputs

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