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  • Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect on Surface Mount Resistors in RF Circuits
    Surface mount (SMD) resistors are often employed in microstrip circuitry at RF frequencies. Typical SMD resistors designed for general purpose circuitry are usually trimmed using plunge trim or "L" trim techniques. This involves removal of material in a narrow groove either perpendicular
  • Phase Differentiation in Stainless Steel Oxide Scales Using ChI-Scan (.pdf)
    Stainless steels have applications in areas where surface appearance is an extremely important property. These may include areas such as kitchen work tops, cupboard facings and cladding for building exteriors and interiors. As stainless steel is mainly used for its appearance, any effect
  • Rotary Scanning Probe
    Customer's needs were to. view a reaction at the surface of. crude oil within a narrow vessel. A. thick walled glass tube, sealed at. one end, was submerged in the oil,. creating a passage for a viewing. instrument. Observation was to be. via closed circuit video only. Rotary (azimuth) scanning
  • Characterizing Coarse Particles with Dual EDS Detectors (.pdf)
    Performing EDS analysis on a specimen with coarse particles on the surface can be difficult because of shadowing effects as shown in the schematic in figure 1. However, this effect can be mitigated in two different ways. One is to collect a set of maps from an area, rotate the sample 180
  • Application of 3D Laser Method for Corrosion Assessment on a Spherical Pressure Vessel
    to measure corrosion. A contact method is always problematic due to the. deteriorated external surface. Encoding a scan is also a challenge, requiring mechanical. scanners or fixture to fit the specific component geometry for referencing the defect position. 3D laser scanning is emerging as an efficient
  • Ultrasound scans IN THIN AIR
    line, or those with a large surface area to be scanned. But the advent of highly sensitive piezoelectric transducers and an inexpensive precision positioning system help overcome these limitations. Boals-burg, Pa., measure a sample's thickness, density, mechanical properties, and defects
  • Catalytic Converter Design and Pressure Measurement
    The I-Scan force and pressure measurement system is a revolutionary product development and manufacturing process tool for catalytic converter designers and manufacturers. Tighter regulatory emission standards have forced manufacturers to design greater surface area into the catalyst to dilute
  • Inspection/Measurement - 3-D Laser Scanning Opens the Door to Inspection And Reverse Engineering for Moldmakers - 10/09
    in the arm 's reach, above and below the midline. The scanner is used by moving it over, but not touching, various angles of a mold or part. Thousands of surface points are gathered in just seconds. The points, in the form of a 3-D point cloud, appear on the computer screen as you scan

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