Bags and Sacks Information

Static shielding bagBags and sacks are used for storage, packaging, transportation, and shipping applications. Products include:

  • Biodegradable bags
  • Industrial plastic bags and vinyl bags
  • Paper and plastic shopping bags
  • Reusable bags and sacks
  • Static shielding bags

Typically, industrial plastic bags and sacks are made of polymers such as polyvinyl and polyethylene, cellophane, and other specialty plastics. Biodegradable bags are made of compostable materials and printed with water or soy-based inks


Bag made of paperPlastic bags and sacks are used in many different storage applications. Uses range from organizing machined parts or components to providing sterile, hermetic packing for food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biological materials. Clear polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyvinyl bags are used to package small components such as fasteners, electronics, or food products. Polybags can be configured with sliding lock zippers, or be sealed using a heated sealing element. They can also be used to shrink-wrap some items. With shrink wrapping, the application of heat causes the plastic to shrink around the object, creating an airtight seal. 


Some bags and sacks are manufactured with anti-static or static-shielding features. Typically, these products are used to protect sensitive electronic components. Other bags and sacks are specially-designed with air-filled bubbles or blisters for mailing or shipping fragile or breakable objects. Products also include bulk bags and specially-designed flexible bags for shipping. Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) are large, heavy-duty products made of woven filaments of polypropylene or polyethylene (either coated or uncoated) that come in several shapes for specific types of loads. When used as bags and sacks, they can be configured to make filling and discharging their contents quick and easy. 

Special Types and their Use

Industrial use bagBags and sacks that have a square-shaped bottom are designed for storage on pallets. Storage containers with rigid-bottom forklift channel provide an alternative to palletization altogether. Super sacks are bulk bags that are fitted with pull-strings. Often, these bags and sacks are used in manufacturing environments for handling raw materials. Typically, a super sack is positioned over a hopper so that the contents are dumped when the pull strings are drawn or tugged. These bags and sacks are also used to move materials such as powders, grains, and other particulate matter into a production line. Specialized bags and sacks are available. 


SAA AS 2400.8 - Packaging - Textile Bags, Sacks and Wrappings

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Allied Electronics, Inc. | R. S. Hughes Company, Inc. | New Pig Corporation


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