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5.8 Switched-Path Attenuators

Switched-path attenuators [149 151] are constructed from two SPDT switches with two paths in between, and each path has a different attenuation, as shown in Figure 5.142. The attenuating path is usually constructed from a resistive-T, Pi, or bridged-T network of resistors [152]. An example 6-bit digital switched-path attenuator MMIC is shown in Figure 5.143, which has a bandwidth from 0.5 to 16 GHz.

Figure 5.142: Switched-path digital attenuator.

Figure 5.143: A 6-bit digital switched-path attenuator MMIC, 0.5 to 16 GHz. ( Source Bookham Inc., 2006. All Rights Reserved.)

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RF Attenuators
RF attenuators are circuits that reduce the power level of a signal by a certain amount (gain), with little or no reflection. They reduce the output signal with respect to the input and measure the power reduction in decibels (dB).  
Specialty Optical Fiber
Specialty optical fiber is modified, usually by doping, for a specialized function. It consists of one or more transparent fibers enclosed in a protective covering.
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Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are used to control the power level of optical signals at the outputs of light sources and electrical-to-optical (E/O) converters. They are also used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors.
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RF switches route radio frequency signals to particular waveguides.

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