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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NOX304 PLC Radwell Nomex Not Provided JACKET
NOX606 PLC Radwell Nomex Not Provided COVER
NOX114 ASAP Semiconductor IFS GLOBAL LOGISTICS Not Provided Not Provided
NOX-T-MF National Microchip OMEGA Not Provided Not Provided
1207NOX PLC Radwell Dwyer Not Provided MODEL 1207 HANDHELD FLUE GAS ANALYZER
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  • NOx Removal Technology
    There are several techniques for removal of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) depending on the composition/temperature/removal efficiencies. . NOx Removal Technology. Home. Scrubbers. Oxidizers. Air Strippers. Aeration Columns. NOx. Carbon Systems. Fiberbeds. Contact us. Links. There are several techniques
  • Dual SCR Aftertreatment for Lean NOx Reduction (.pdf)
    Low-cost lean NOx aftertreatment is one of the main challenges facing high-efficiency gasoline and diesel engines operating with lean mixtures. While there are many candidate technologies, they all offer tradeoffs. We have investigated a multi-component Dual SCR aftertreatment system
  • BIONOxSOLVER(TM) Scrubbing Solution Available For High Efficiency NOx Control
    Bionomic Industries, Inc. a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge scrubber system technology, has announced availability of their new BIONOxSOLVER Scrubbing Solution. The only chemical reagent needed for high efficiency process NOx control, BIONOxSOLVER simplifies wet scrubber operation
  • BIONOxSOLVER NOx: An Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Solution
    BIONOxSOLVER NOx: An Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Solution. Tech Spot Bionomic Jan Feb 2012-RT_Metal Business Spot Template USE THIS.qxd
  • A Review of Solid Materials as Alternative Ammonia Sources for Lean NOx Reduction with SCR (.pdf)
    The need for improved emissions control in lean exhaust to meet tightening, world-wide NOx emissions standards has led to the development of selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia as a major technology for emissions control. Current systems are being designed to use a solution of urea
  • Beta NOx 2000 TM Turnkey System Controls NOx Emissions at National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab
    experimentation and analysis of the chemical milling of Niobium using strong Nitric Acid generated a significant concentration of NOx emissions. Test results were tabulated and a draft equipment specification was prepared for an NOx scrubber control system. Duall Division was invited to visit
  • Beta NOx 2000 TM Addresses Opacity Issue and Destroys Reddish Brown NOx Plume
    Facility and process engineers at William's Advanced Materials in Buffalo, New York needed to replace an older, inefficient scrubber system. A newer high tech absorber would be required to remove both HNO3 and HCl vapors and aerosols as well as the reddish brown NOx plume that resulted from
  • Food Manufacturer Readily Meets California's Strict NOx Requirement
    Emission requirements in certain air districts in California have become more stringent. over the past decade. In 2005, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. (APCD) mandated the NOx emission level at 9 ppm, and in 2010, the agency. tightened the regulation to 7 ppm. As a result

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