Industrial Printing Equipment Information

Industrial printing equipment and supplies includes screen printing equipment, digital printing equipment, label printing equipment, offset printing equipment, letterpress printing equipment, and flexographic printing equipment. Screen printing equipment transfers an image onto a mesh screen by blocking out the surrounding area or areas. Digital printing equipment produces printed materials directly from a computer file and does not use intermediate materials such as film or plates. Letterpress printing inks type which is pressed onto the printing surface. Flexographic printing equipment uses rubber cylinders which are relatively easy to maintain and repair. Industrial printing equipment suppliers serve companies of different sizes and are located across the United States and around the world. To meet the demand for industrial printing equipment and supplies, businesses may compete in terms of cost, reliability, and service.

Industrial printing equipment varies by printing technology. For example, screen printing equipment includes racks, stretchers, transfer presses, dip tanks and dryers. Digital printing equipment includes variable imaging digital presses (computer-to-paper), digital desktop printers, digital copiers, and direct imaging presses (computer-to-plate-on-press). Label printing equipment can include semi-automatic, fully automatic, and custom systems. Other products may include on-line and off-line printing equipment for thermal transfer, hot stamp, laser, wet and dry ink, or ink jet processes. Offset printing equipment consists of printers, scanners, folding machines, joggers, and binding equipment. Letterpress printing equipment includes diecutters, scorers, engravers, embossers, foil stampers, and binders. Flexographic printing equipment includes viscosity control systems, chamber doctor blades, ink pumps, video systems, stroboscopes, and slitting and rewinding machines. Many other types of industrial printing equipment and supplies are also available.

Industrial printing equipment is manufactured in accordance with a variety of regulatory requirements and quality standards. Industrial printing equipment manufacturers provide many different leasing options and maintenance contracts. Providers of industrial printing equipment and supplies may also provide on-site training.

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