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  • Huygens Probe and PAT: Exploring a New World
    colder than an average laboratory. We persist in trying to use instruments designed for an air-conditioned, vibration-free laboratory in a busy industrial plant. We persist in accepting laboratory levels of reliability that have no place in a manufacturing environment. We persist in accepting complex
  • How Does a Sonicator Work? (.pdf)
    The ultrasonic electronic generator transforms AC line power to a 20KHz signal that drives a piezoelectric convertor/transducer. This electrical signal is converted by the transducer to a mechanical vibration due to the characteristics of the internal piezoelectric crystals. The vibration
  • Shaft Displacement Measurement Using A PROTOR System
    Shaft displacement is an important vibration measurement for rotating machines. Shaft displacement is usually monitored by non-contact shaft displacement probes such as eddy-current probes. These probes produce a voltage proportional to the distance of the shaft surface relative to the tip
  • Understanding And Caring For The Heart Of Your Ultrasonic System
    energy (or heat) at the contact point of the two parts. The heat melts a molded ridge of plastic on one of the pieces and the molten material flows between the two surfaces. When the vibration stops, the material solidifies forming a permanent bond. A basic ultrasonic probe consists of -. 1. A housing
  • Spiralock Fasteners Make Descent to Saturn's Largest Moon
    After a seven-year, two billion mile journey strapped to the side of the Cassini orbiter, the Huygens probe decelerated 12,000 mph in less than two minutes, before parachuting to the frozen surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, on Jan. 14th this year. Besides measuring wind, pressure

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