Electrical Reset Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors Datasheets

Snap-Action, Self-Hold Thermostat -- J(S)
from Portage Electric Products, Inc.

A snap-action, self-hold thermostat for motor and appliance applications. In a fault condition, the Model JS opens the circuit, and an internal heat source holds it open until power is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermostat then resets, allowing continued operation. Features. [See More]

  • Features: Electric Reset
  • Switch Type: Bi-Metal
  • High Temperature Set Point: 140 to 302
  • Switch Type: Normally Closed, NC; Open on Temperature Rise
Self-Hold Motor Protectors
from Thermtrol

Developed by Thermtrol, the SX8AM is a thermal protector/PTC heater com bination. The Dual PTC heaters are electrically located across the contacts of the protector. When the protector contacts are open, the heaters are in series with the load. The heaters then maintain the temperature sensitive... [See More]

  • Features: Electric Reset
  • Switch Type: Other
  • High Temperature Set Point: 212 to 320
  • Maximum Current: 1 to 60
120 Series Explosion-Proof Temperature Switch
from United Electric Controls Company

As safety requirements become more stringent, the determining factor in specifying an industrial pressure, differential pressure and/or temperature switch rests upon that switch protecting equipment, processes and personnel. Meeting hazardous location requirements through worldwide approvals and... [See More]

  • Features: Electric Reset (optional feature)
  • Switch Type: Gas-Actuated / Vapor-Tension (Bulb & Capillary)
  • High Temperature Set Point: 100 to 400
  • Switch Type: Normally Open, NO; Normally Closed, NC