Spring Return / Disengage Pneumatic Clutches Datasheets

Expanding Clutches & Brakes -- E Series
from Eaton Hydraulics Group

E. Whether they ’re used as slip clutches, tension brakes or just general power transmission service, Eaton Airflex E elements are ideal for handling the large thermal loads of medium-speed cyclic applications. With simple air engagement and a spring-assisted release to counteract centrifugal... [See More]

  • Spring Assistance: Spring Return/Disengage
  • Engagement: Friction
  • Torque: 84166.7
  • Application: Industrial
Clutch Mechanism w/ Adapter, Heavy Duty -- M5R2K-STH
from Mach III Clutch, Inc.

Operation. Friction type heavy duty clutch mechanism engages with air pressure, spring released when air is exhausted. Torque is linear in response to air pressure applied. Mounting. Through/Mid Shaft or End of Shaft. Heavy duty clutch mechanism slides on shaft and is fixed with set screws and a... [See More]

  • Spring Assistance: Spring Return/Disengage
  • Pneumatic Pressure: 80
  • Torque: 0.0 to 276.7
  • Engagement: Friction
from Montalvo Corporation

Montalvo's C-Series clutches use the same compact design as the C-Series brakes. Applications include narrow web and light to medium-duty. They are available in several versions. Modular design and interchangeable parts make C-Series clutches easy to set up and maintain. [See More]

  • Spring Assistance: Spring Return/Disengage
  • Rotary Speed: 5500 to 7000
  • Torque: 66.0 to 100.0
  • Pneumatic Pressure: 75