Hydraulic Fluid Tempering Valves and Thermally Actuated Valves

Inline Temperature Control Valve -- HAT
from ThermOmegaTech®

Operation. A thermostatic element inside the valve senses temperature and if this falls below the setpoint, the valve modulates open to allow flow. When the temperature increases to near the setpoint, the HAT (Heat Actuated Trap) valve modulates closed. HAT valves are available with built-in leakage... [See More]

  • Media: Air; Chemical; Hydraulic; Water; Hot Water; Cold Water  ; Gas; Gasoline / Diesel Fuel; Steam; Glycol, Ketones, Oil
  • Maximum Pressure: 300.00
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 0.75
  • Media Temperature: 300
Temperature Actuated Valves -- TAV Series
from DME Company

Temperature Actuated Regulating Valve. • Excellent flow characteristics. • Maintain oil temperature thru heat exchanger Thermostatic COOLING CONTROL valve. • Built for the most rugged machine tool and hydraulic applications. • Six temperature ranges to meet your requirements. [See More]

  • Media: Chemical; Hydraulic; Oil
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 150.00
  • Valve Size: 0.38 to 2.50
  • Valve Type: EFV; Regulating Valve