Mini-seal Diaphragm Seals

Miniature Thermoplastic Diaphragm Seal/Gauge Guard -- GGMEB1-PP
from Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

Series GGME Compact, high accuracy pressure or vacuum isolator with polypro connection, choice of gauges. [See More]

  • Seal Design: Clamped Diaphragm
  • Process Connection Type: Threaded
  • Instrument Connection: 1/4"; Female NPT
  • Process Connection Size: 1/2"; Male NPT
High Displacement Diaphragm Seal -- Type 29
from NOSHOK, Inc.

All welded, all metallic housing design does not utilize an o-ring or gasket. Displacement is limited to 0.035 cubic inches, requiring the use of gauges with less than 4-1/2" dial size and bourdon tube range no lower than 0 to 15 psi. Pressure rating is 2,500 psi. Specifications: UPPER HOUSING: 316... [See More]

  • Seal Design: Welded Diaphragm
  • Process Connection Type: Threaded; With Flush Port (optional feature)
  • Instrument Connection: Bleed Connection; 1/4"; 1/2"; Female NPT
  • Process Connection Size: 1/4" (optional feature); 3/8" (optional feature); 1/2" (optional feature); 3/4" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature); Female NPT