Centrifuge Filtration Equipment Datasheets

CF Series Centrifugal Separator
from Advantage Engineering, Inc.

ADVANTAGE CS centrifugal separators are ideally suited for small system applications, side-stream installations and individual equipment protection. PROCESS FLOW RATE: 50 GPM. PROCESS PORT SIZE: 1.5". AVAILABLE PUMP: 3HP on model CS-50PV. Features at a Glance: Removes sand, grit and fine solids. [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Heat Transfer Fluids
Biotechnical Separator -- BTPX
from Alfa Laval Inc.

An outstanding separator range for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, that bridges the gap between the laborotary and commercial production. It is delivered as a fully automatic, plug-in, separation system and can deliver the performance of production machines on a pilot ¨scale, or in... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
Centrifuge Filter System
from Eriez

Economical Filtration and Customized Design Capabilities. The Eriez Hydroflow ® standard centrifuge product line consists of many combinations of centrifuge models, tank sizes, and pump pressures used with the standard performance model SP-1205 single bowl, the standard performance model SP-2400... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Heat Transfer Fluids; Carbide Grinding, Tool and Cutter
  • Specifications: 5-10 Micron Filtration
Decanter Centrifuge -- C-Series
from Flottweg SE

Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges for Wastewater and Sewage Sludge. Requirements for the quality and efficiency of sewage treatment plants increase year after year, driven not least by the increasing costs of energy and disposal. As a result, the state of the art is now to use decanter centrifuges to... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Waste / Sludge
Decanter Centrifuge
from GN Solids control Co., Ltd.

GN Decanter Centrifuge is designed for the drilling mud solids control and oilfield waste management.GN VFD drive decanter centrifuge with variable speed allows drilling contracor or mud service company to do the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids separation,dewatering centrifuge.GN have the... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Drilling Fluids (Muds)
Classifying Centrifuge -- V 630 II BK
from Heinkel USA

V 630 BK. Classifying centrifuges. The HEINKEL Classifying centrifuges are used for continuous wet classification of fine, ultrafine and nanoparticles in slurries, especially in the classification of TiO2 suspended in water or glycol, SiC, Zr, Al2O3, CaCO3, kaolin. The HEINKEL centrifuges for wet... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Chemical Processing; Wet Classification of Fine, Ultrafine and Nanoparticles in Slurries
  • Specifications: Basket Dia. [mm] 630; Filtering Surface Area [m²] 0.79; Nominal Volume [l] 30; Speed Max. [1/min] 3000; Spinning Speed [x g] 3170
from National Oilwell Varco

Centrifuges. BRANDT ™ manufactures centrifuges in Conroe, Texas, USA and Aberdeen, Scotland. Centrifuges are typically configured to meet the specifications demanded by the application. They are available individually, in groups, or packaged as a component within a complete solids control and... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Drilling Fluids (Muds)
Coolant Purifier Model CP-2 Economical Automatic Coolant Recovey System
from Sanborn Technologies

Coolant Purifier Model CP-2. Economical Automatic Coolant Recovery System. The Model CP-2 is an economical centrifugal purification system that removes both tramp oil and fine solids from machine tool coolants. The heart of the CP-2 is the Mitsubishi SJ-700 self-discharging high speed disc... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Centrifuge
  • Application / Industry: Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Specifications: Maximum Liquid Processing Rate (gph): 120