Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps) Solar Radiation Instruments Datasheets

Modular Weather Station -- WMS-16
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OMEGA WMS-16 Modular Weather Station is a computerbased meteorological system designed as a "user friendly" solution for data storage and real-time monitoring of weather conditions. The standard package includes: Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity for temp/ humidity,... [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Wavelength Accuracy: 5
  • Wavelength Range Measured: 400 to 1000
  • Min. Wavelength Sensitivity: 100
4-Component Net Radiation Sensor -- NR01-L
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The NR01 net radiometer is manufactured by Hukseflux for applications requiring research-grade performance. The radiometer measures the energy balance between incoming short-wave and long-wave infrared radiation versus surface-reflected short-wave and outgoing long-wave infrared radiation. It... [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Min. Wavelength Sensitivity: 10
  • Wavelength Range Measured: 305 to 2800
  • Solar Detector Instrument Type: Radiometer
Vantage Pro®2 -- 6152
from Davis Instruments Corp.

Forecasting, on-screen graphing, quick-view icons, moving ticker tape [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Wavelength Accuracy: 5
  • Wavelength Range Measured: 400 to 1100
  • Wavelength Accuracy: 5
Microclimate Monitoring System
from Decagon Devices, Inc.

Account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors. Measure weather data where you are, not 5 miles away at the Met tower, so you can measure environmental variation on an ecologically relevant scale. [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Features: Integral Datalogger/ memory
Smart Weather All-in-one Sensor -- WS301-UMB
from LufftUSA

Description: From the WS product family of professional intelligent measurement transducers with digital interface for environmental applications. Integrated design with ventilated radiation protection for measuring: -Air temperature -Relative humidity - Solar radiation -Air pressure. Supplementary... [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Weight: 2.87
  • Height: 10.55
  • Interface Options: Digital Serial
from Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc.

The LakeESP is a complete monitoring buoy for long-term water quality monitoring and management. The monitoring buoy features real-time monitoring of water column temperature stratification, meteorological parameters, and water quality parameters. Meteorology sensors can include net long and short... [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Solar Detector Instrument Type: Radiometer
  • Wavelength Range Measured: 4500 to 50000
  • Solar Detector Technology Type: Photovoltaic Detector
Professional All-Purpose Compact Weather Station -- MK-III-MB-US
from RainWise, Inc.

The RainWise MB line enables easy connectivity of our premier weather stations to any system supporting the industry standard Modbus protocol. Seamlessly communicating with either a remote programmable controller or integrated control system, the RainWise MB line of stations provide crucial... [See More]

  • Mounting Type: Pole-mounted (Typically via clamps)
  • Interface Options: Digital Serial