Parallel Interface Solar Radiation Instruments Datasheets

BLACK-Comet C-SR Plus RED-Wave-NIR-1024 -- DSR-CSR-1024
from StellarNet, Inc.

StellarNet Dual-DSR spectrometer systems combine two instruments to cover the ultra violet, visible and near infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The two instruments work as one creating a unified spectral graph over the entire wavelength region, 200-2300nm. The two instruments employ... [See More]

  • Interface Options: Parallel digital signal (i.e., PC parallel printer port, GPIB etc.); Digital signal interface other than parallel or serial (i.e., discrete signals, special TTL)
  • Solar Detector Instrument Type: Radiometer
  • Wavelength Range Measured: 200 to 1700
  • Instrument Display Options: Video Display (CRT etc.)