44" x 56" Pallets Datasheets

Can / Bottle Plastic Pallets -- 56x44
from Greystone Logistics, LLC

Plastic pallets are a huge part of just about every shipping and warehousing operation running today. The industry and Greystone Logistics has evolved over the years, into a very complex automated world. Using plastic pallets is your best option in today ’s shipping world. Plastic pallets are... [See More]

  • Size: 44"x56"
  • Pallet Jack Entry: Four-way pallet jack entry.
  • Pallet Weight: 46
  • Top Deck Configuration: A high percentage of the pallet top deck is made up of slots, holes, or grid work.
44 x 56 BulkPal 2.0" Con
from Orbis

ORBIS stackable pallets are designed for handling and shipping heavy product loads in warehousing, processing and manufacturing environments. These reusable plastic pallets offer a long service life and are ideal for stack loading, conveying systems, distribution and static storage. The non-porous,... [See More]

  • Size: 44"x56"
  • Fork Tine Entry: Four way fork tine entry.
  • Pallet Jack Entry: Four-way pallet jack entry.
  • Features: Meets Food And Drug Administration guidelines for use with food.
BulkPal Pallet -- 4700
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

BulkPal 100% recyclable stackable pallet with a long service life. Economic, environmental and efficient alternative to wood pallets or skids. Repairable pallet with patented snap-fit design for on-site repair. Designed to convey a variety of industrial or beverage products. Meets FDA standards for... [See More]

  • Size: 44"x56"