Intermittent Audible Alarms Datasheets

Detcon Hazardous Duty Alarm Station Class 1, Division 1 Multitone -- AV2-C1D1M
from 3M Gas & Flame Detection, Personal Safety Division

Model AV1-C1D1M & AV2-C1D1M audio visual alarm stations are designed for installation and use in heavy industrial environments including offshore applications where compliance with ABS standards are required. The alarm station consists of a a warning light (2 lights for AV2) and a siren. Warning... [See More]

  • Tone: Continuous (optional feature); Non-continuous (optional feature)
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring (optional feature); Safety (optional feature); Smoke (optional feature)
  • Alarm Type: Siren; Whoop (optional feature); Wail, Yelp, Horn or Whoop
  • Sound Level: 95 to 99
Piezo Siren & Alarm -- FBPS6084(A,B)
from Ningbo Best Group Co., Ltd.

Piezo Siren, Piezo Alarm Manufacturers manufacturers, Ningbo FBELE Electronics Co.,Ltd. Our Piezo Siren, Piezo Alarm Manufacturers products are popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service. [See More]

  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: 100
  • Alarm Type: Siren
  • Frequency: 2000
Audible Alarm Annuciators (buzzer) -- 70 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA ® Model 70A Temperature Alarms are the latest development in solid state sound production. When power is applied, a piezoelectric transducer operates as a solid state oscillator resulting in a loud, audible alarm tone. OMEGA ® Temperature Alarms are designed to give years of... [See More]

  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: -95
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Frequency: 2900
Alarm, Chime Tone, Loud, 2900 Freq. (HZ) 6-28 DC V, C CASE -- 70186746 [SC628CPNR from Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Mallory Sonalert loud chime tone alarm [See More]

  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: 85 to 95
  • Alarm Type: Chime
  • Frequency: 2900
BUZZER CONT/PULSE 115VAC 80db FOR 50mm -- 84900077

WERMA stack light 50mm buzzer element, continuous or pulse tone, 80dB, IP54, 115 VAC/VDC [See More]

  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: 80
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Supply Voltage: AC
Chime Alarms -- CE-HM201AQM
from Challenge Electronics

The CE-HM630AQM chime_alarms Alarm from Challenge Electronics delivers 80 (94 Max.) SPL with a 10 nominal current (35 max.). Resonant Freq. is 2900 ( ± 2Hz). ’A ’-style Housing. Termination is Two 0.25 Quick Disconnect Blades. [See More]

  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: 70
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Frequency: 2650 to 3150
SelecTone Expl-Proof Speaker/Amplifier -- Model 300X-024
from Federal Signal Corporation/Industrial Systems

Federal Signal's Model 300X SelecTone ® Speaker Amplifier is designed to meet UL 1480 intelligibility requirements producing crisp, clear tones, digital voice messages and live public address in harsh environments with high ambient noise levels. The rugged speaker cone and projector are... [See More]

  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
  • Specialty Applications: Security; Fire; MachineFailure; Process Monitoring; Safety
  • Alarm Type: Siren; Bell; Buzzer; Speakers; Whoop
  • Sound Level: 110
from Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc.

Board Mounting-Indicators (with Circuitry) [See More]

  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Sound Level: 88 to 96
  • Alarm Type: Slow Pulse
  • Frequency: 3900
ACS Series -- ACM/AEM-16AT

May be located at distances up to 6000 ft from FACP [See More]

  • Tone: Continuous; Non-continuous
  • Specialty Applications: Fire; Smoke
  • Alarm Type: Buzzer
  • Supply Voltage: DC or Battery
Carbon Monoxide Detectors -- 900-0076
from Select Safety Sales, LLC

The Kidde AC Powered Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm offers sensor technology to protect against the dangers of carbon monoxide. It comes with a 9V Battery back-up in order to provide continuous monitoring even during a power outage. Installation into any AC wall unit is quick and simple. A digital... [See More]

  • Tone: Non-continuous
  • Specialty Applications: Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Alarm Type: Siren
  • Supply Voltage: AC