Solid Handwheels Datasheets

Aluminum Angular Solid Handwheel
from Jergens, Inc.

Diameters from 3" to 12". Lightweight, 319 Aluminum Alloy. Excellent for high RPM applications. Rims machined to run concentric with center drill. Available with or without handle. Special bores and keyways quoted upon request. Available in metric sizes. See below. Available in 3D Solid Models from... [See More]

  • Style: Solid
  • Material: Aluminum
Aluminum Solid Square Design
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

High-quality, modern-design aluminum Hand Wheel. Rim is machined and highly polished on all sides. Solid inner dish is shot-blasted to a satin finish. These Hand Wheels are bored to the standard shaft diameter for their size, and are tapped for a Solid or Revolving Handle (also available without... [See More]

  • Style: Solid; Dished
  • Bore Size: 0.3750 to 0.6250
  • Outside Diameter: 3.94 to 9.84
  • Height: 1.18 to 2.01
Hand Wheel -- 05HH40SIM
from Electronic Hardware Corporation

Electronic Hardware Corporation manufactures and distributes custom plastic knobs. Electronic Hardware Corporation supplies the largest variety of Aerospace Plastic Knobs, Aircraft Plastic Knobs, Instrument Knobs, Military Knobs, Consumer Plastic Knobs, Control Plastic Knobs and Push-On Plastic... [See More]

  • Style: Solid
  • Bore Size: 0.6299
  • Outside Diameter: 3.94
  • Height: 1.54
ESW + I Series -- ESW.125+I A-3/8-C1
from Elesa U.S.A. Corporation

Resistant to solvents, oils, and grease, available in standard metric bores [See More]

  • Style: Solid
  • Bore Size: 0.3750
  • Outside Diameter: 4.92
  • Height: 1.67
EN 524
from J. W. Winco, Inc.

No mounting hole in handwheel rim for handwheel without handle [See More]

  • Style: Solid
Aluminum Knurled Handwheel -- HBK40

Black anodized [See More]

  • Style: Solid
  • Height: 0.9843
  • Outside Diameter: 1.57
  • Bore Shape: Solid / Starter Hole
Aluminum with Safety Clutch -- 30845
from Monroe Engineering

Material - Pressure Cast Aluminum. Black Powder Coated Finish. Rear Finger Grips. Black Duroplast Revolving Handle. Also Availabe Without Handle [See More]

  • Style: Solid; Dished
  • Bore Size: 0.4724
  • Outside Diameter: 4.92
  • Bore Shape: Round; Through Bore