Industrial Air Conditioners

Commercial/Industrial Air Conditioner Rental, 35 Ton
from Aggreko

Our diverse fleet of commercial 35 Ton Air Conditioners for rent, are designed and built for harsh industrial environments. They provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications — such as commercial buildings or power station cooling. Features. 35 Ton of Air... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial; Commercial Buildings , Power Stations
  • Cooling Capacity: 419976
  • Type: Central
  • Voltage: 460VAC
Custom Climate Control Systems for OEM Applications
from Air Innovations, Inc.

Our specialty HVAC and environmental process control solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can be found around the world in a wide variety of applications. We ’ve designed OEM custom climate control solutions for scanning equipment for homeland security, desiccant humidity... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Type: Central;  Precision Cooling
Chilled Water AC Conversion System -- Arctic Gator™
from Demandside Energy Solutions

Now you can capture the same AC advantages that very large buildings have. The revolutionary Arctic Gator chilled water conversion system from Demandside Energy Solutions transforms conventional air-to-air AC system into an advanced chilled water system for buildings ranging from 2,500 to 100,000... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial
  • Type: Single Chilled Loop System
Enclosure Cooler System -- ProtEX Vortex AC
from Vortec

ProtEX Vortex A/C Coolers are designed specifically for purged * Electrical enclosures in ATEX Zones 1 and 21 and Temperature Class T3 areas. The ProtEX Vortex A/C incorporates the most up-to-date features into Vortec's line of highly reliable, cost effective enclosure coolers.Sleek, modern... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Electronics
  • Cooling Capacity: 900 to 5000
  • Type: Enclosure
  • Features: Thermostat
Flight Line Ground Support Systems -- FL36BA25
from Air Rover, Inc.

The FL Series flight line cooling system is an integrated trailer-mounted system complete with power generator, duct storage, ECU and power cable. The FL Series was developed for aircraft ground support cooling applications in high temperature environments of up to 150oF. Ultra silent generators are... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial; Military; Telecommunications; Transportation
  • Features: Trailer Mounted; Weather Resistant
  • Type: Portable
Ceiling-Mounted Chilled Beam (1 foot wide with 1-Way Discharge) -- ACB™ 30
from Dadanco

With active chilled beam systems the building ’s primary/ventilation air is continuously supplied to the active chilled beam terminal units by the central air handling system. This primary/ventilation air is cooled or heated to partially handle the temperature-driven sensible loads, while in... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial
Thermoelectric Cooler -- DBK A100
from DBK USA, Inc.

DBK Thermoelectric CoolersThe DBK Series are air-to-air thermoelectric coolers, employing forced air convection provided by IP 54 axial fans. The DBK standard range provides assemblies from 60 W to 200 W. Custom designs are available by request and DBK will be pleased to service your bespoke... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Telecommunications
  • Cooling Capacity: 341
  • Type: Enclosure
  • Voltage: 24VDC
10,000 BTU Compressor Based Air Conditioner -- CBIQ10000V
from EIC Solutions, Inc.

EIC's Compressor-based Air Conditioners are designed for applications requiring traditional air conditioners and/or higher levels of cooling output. These industrial air conditioners are available from 5,000 BTU to 20,000 BTU in a wide range of configurations for both indoor and outdoor use. Units... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Cooling Capacity: 10000
  • Type: Enclosure
Indoor Industrial Air Conditioners -- Airstage™
from Fujitsu Limited

There are many applications for Airstage VRF systems including such markets as education, healthcare, hospitality, utilities, office buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants and more. [See More]

  • Application: Residential; Industrial
  • Cooling Capacity: 7000 to 96000
  • Type: Ceiling; Central; Floor Mounted, Wall Mounted
5-Ton (380-400V/50Hz) -- Nordic® EEECU
from HDT Global

The 5-Ton Basic ECU provides an efficient 60,000 BTUs of cooling using ozone-friendly R4O7C refrigerant. This skid-based unit is equipped with 16" supply, return air ducts and a five-position selector switch. Modes of operation include ON-VENT-COOL-HEAT-AUTO. This unit is the 50Hz variant of our... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Military
  • Cooling Capacity: 60000
  • Type: Portable
  • Voltage: 380/400 VAC
Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioner -- Mobile Air MAI12LA(440)
from Mobile Air, Inc.

The RT-MAI12LA(440) portable air conditioner by Mobile Air is the perfect solution for cooling factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other large applications. The RT-MAI12LA(440) includes a 41 amp power consumption, a Camlock connection, and return air thermostat with optional remote... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Cooling Capacity: 144000
  • Type: Portable
  • Voltage: 460VAC
Genesis Side-Mounted Air Conditioner -- M13-0116-G1014
from nVent Hoffman

Features. Robust reciprocating compressor. R134a or R407c earth-friendly refrigerant and RoHS compliant. Models for 115, 230 and 460 single phase AC volt power input. UL Listed or Recognized to save customers time and money with agency approvals. Operating temperature range from 50 F/10 C to 125... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Cooling Capacity: 1000
  • Type: Enclosure
  • Voltage: 115VAC
Recessed Cooling Unit -- DTI 6201
from Pfannenberg

Our DTI 6201 series cooling units utilize a long internal air path to capture heat above the components and provide cool air below. These cooling units are ideal for mounting on a cabinet door and are partially recessed for space restricted installations. Housing: galvanized sheet steel. Cover:... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Voltage: 230VAC; 460VAC; 400 V
  • Cooling Capacity: 3000 to 6000
  • Frequency: 50Hz; 60Hz
Extra Slim Design Side Mount Air Conditioner
from Ralston Metal Products Limited

Closed-Loop air conditioners are specifically designed to mount on enclosures to remove heat without letting outside air into the sealed enclosure. This type of cooling is typically used to cool electronic equipment housed in a Nema rated enclosure which protects sensitive electronics from dust,... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial; Data Center
  • Cooling Capacity: 1200 to 6000
  • Type: Enclosure
  • Voltage: 230VAC (optional feature); 120 VAC
Reznor® CAUA Series Gas-fired, Upflow, Blower-type, Power-vented, Separated Combustion Heaters -- Model CAUA150
from Reznor

Orifices for natural gas. Centrifugal blower. Burner rack with in shot burners. Direct ignition with 100% lockout. Single-stage combination gas valve. 230/1/60 supply voltage. 230 volt, open/dripproof, direct-drive blower motor with internal overload protection. Tubular aluminized steel heat... [See More]

  • Application: Commercial; Industrial; Spot Cooling; Telecommunications
  • Cooling Capacity: 90000
  • Type: Central
  • Voltage: 230VAC; 208/1-3, 460/575/3
Portable Conditioning Unit -- PCU-810-LN2
from Russells Technical Products

Russells PCU-810-LN2, LN2 Cooled Portable Conditioning Units give you the maximum environmental testing flexibility for your remote testing needs. Russells Portable Conditioning Units have the following features: Direct inject LN2 cooling. Small footprint. Powder coated exterior. 230V or 460V... [See More]

  • Application: Industrial; Spot Cooling
  • Features: Thermostat
  • Type: Enclosure
Compact Design Air Conditioner -- Model CS011-126
from Thermal Edge, Inc.

Engineered & manufactured to endure the most difficult of environments and applications. Thermal Edge air conditioners will exceed environmental requirements in applications like Steel, Food Processing, Petro-Chemical, Cement, Paper & Pulp and Plastics. [See More]

  • Application: Industrial
  • Cooling Capacity: 1000 to 2000
  • Type: Enclosure
  • Voltage: 120 VAC