Cationic Chemical Additives and Agents Datasheets

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Coagulant -- Aquapure™ I-300
from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

Aquapure ™I-300 is a liquid, iron-containing, cationic coagulant / metal precipitant. It is superior in. settling suspended solids and is also used to reduce chrome. It is generally used in conjunction. with an anionic flocculant but in some cases can work without the use of a. flocculant. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Cationic
  • Applications: Water Treatment
  • Function: Metal Removal / Precipitation; Surface Active Agent
Commercial Chemical Kit -- Surfactant Atlabü Hlb Kit
from Chem Service, Inc.

Chem Service, Inc. produces high purity chemicals for use as reference materials and for other laboratory purposes. More than 95% of their Standards Grade materials have a certified purity of 98.0% or greater and do not require purity corrections when preparing solutions for use with EPA, ASTM, UST... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders; Anionic; Cationic; Organic / Polymer; Solids
  • Applications: Chemicle Analysis Standards
  • Function: Reagent; Reference / Chemical Standard; Surface Active Agent
Talon® Mining Reagents (Collectors)
from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC

Anionic and cationic collectors for flotation. Specific formulations are adjustable to customer needs. In the coal mining industry Talon ® collectors can help increase combustible recovery by eliminating the unintentional waste of combustible coal with discarded tailings. With a shorter... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Anionic; Cationic
  • Applications: Mining / Minerals