Impact Modifier / Toughening Agent Chemical Additives and Agents Datasheets

Toughened Epoxy Binder -- VORASPEC™ 58
from Dow Polyurethanes

VORASPEC ™ 58 Toughened Epoxy Binder is a novel, reactive toughener system from Dow that enables tougher epoxy coatings for a wide range of industrial applications. Dow experts have responded to formulator demands for a performance additive that is easy to process, and yet provides enhanced... [See More]

  • Function: Binding Agent; Plasticizer; Toughening Agent
  • Form & Features: Liquids
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants; Epoxy
Basic Materials & Chemicals -- MBS
from LG Chemical of America Inc.

MBS Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene. A modifying agent for improving plastic properties. MBS is one of the modifying agents used to improve the plastic properties. It is added in the manufacturing process of hard and semi-hard PVC and engineering plastics to enhance impact strength and... [See More]

  • Function: Foaming / Blowing Agent; Hardness / Strengthening Agent; Toughening Agent
  • Applications: Plastics / Composites
Nitrile for Asphalt Modification -- Tylac® 873
from Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc.

Tylac ® 873 is suggested as a polymer modifier for anionic asphalt emulsions. Addition of 2 to 10% (d/d solids) improves low temperature flexibility and reduces high temperature tack. Also improves strength and chemical resistance. Markets Utilized In. Construction. Featured Applications. [See More]

  • Function: Hardness / Strengthening Agent; Toughening Agent