Powder Chemical Additives and Agents Datasheets

Fine Silica Resin Additive -- M. S. GEL™
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Fine Silica Products are resin additives that enhance the surface smoothness and dispersability of the media into which they are added. Their fine silica particles have a lower coefficient of friction than titanium dioxide and other popular fillers. On a molecular level, these particles are... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Coatings or Paint; Cosmetics / Personal Care; Fibers Textiles; Plastics / Composites; Film
  • Function: Catalyst; Conditioner / Texture Modifier; Deflocculants / Dispersing Agents; Finish Additive
Ascorbic Acid Stabilizer -- E 300
from Eaton

Ascorbic Acid is a very pure vitamin C product. It protects the bottled beverage against unwanted oxidation. Advantages. Reacts rapidly with oxygen to prevent oxidation. Stabilizes the bouquet and taste of the beverage. Improves the taste and reduces the acid content. Has a high chemical purity [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Function: Oxidation Inhibitor / Anti-oxidant
Industrial Metal Cleaner -- Aquaease™ E 9091
from Hubbard-Hall Inc.

DESCRIPTION. Aquaease ™ E 9091 is a powdered, alkaline electro cleaner for brass alloys, copper, zinc die- castings, slush castings, lead alloy castings, and white metals. Developed as an electro cleaner for non-ferrous metals, Aquaease ™ E 9091 may also be used for ferrous metals. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Cleaners / Disinfectants
Synthetic, Hydrophilic, Amorphous Silica -- HDK® N20
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

Synthetic, hydrophilic, amorphous silica, produced via flame hydrolysis. Standard product for industrial applications. Special features. White colloidal powder of high purity. Application. HDK ® N20 is applied as a thickening and thixotropic agent in many organic systems, e.g. in unsaturated... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders; Inorganic / Salt
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants; Coatings or Paint; Ink, Cosmetics, Production of Technical Powders
  • Function: Lubricity Agent; Rhelogy Modifiers (Flow Agents); Thickener; Thixotropic Agent; Unlisted, Proprietary or Specialized Function; Free Flow Agent
Polymer Processing Additive -- 3M™ Dynamar™
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

For many years, 3M ™ Dynamar ™ Polymer Processing Additives have helped manufacturers improve both quality and output for a variety of extruded products – from the plastic bottles and bags in your cupboard to construction materials like pipe, cable and even artificial grass. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Bulk Solids or Granules; Liquids; Powders
  • Applications: Elastomers / Rubbers; Plastics / Composites
  • Function: Anti-caking Additive; Catalyst; Crosslinker; Curing Agent / Hardener; Lubricity Agent; Reaction Accelerator; Release Agent; Rhelogy Modifiers (Flow Agents); Surface Active Agent
Inorganic Binder -- 875
from Aremco Products, Inc.

An acidic powdered binder system used to formulate high strength, hydraulic setting cements for electrical potting or molding applications. A powder blend is typically formulated by adding one part binder to four parts filler by weight. Water is then added in a ratio of 15-20 parts to 100 parts... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders; Water-Based
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants; Coatings or Paint; High Temperature Formulation
  • Function: Binding Agent; Hardness / Strengthening Agent
1,3,5-trinitrobenzene Standard -- EPA Method 8270B
from Chem Service, Inc.

Chem Service, Inc. produces high purity chemicals for use as reference materials and for other laboratory purposes. More than 95% of their Standards Grade materials have a certified purity of 98.0% or greater and do not require purity corrections when preparing solutions for use with EPA, ASTM, UST... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids (optional feature); Powders (optional feature); Organic / Polymer; Solids or Solutions
  • Applications: Monitoring for Organic Pollutants
  • Function: Reagent; Reference / Chemical Standard
Antimony Potassium Tartrate, Powder, Reagent -- CCI 0630AL
from Chemical Strategies, Inc.

Chemical Strategies offers over 3,000 products by Columbus Chemical, Inc. If you are unable to locate a chemical you need, our sales department can custom source any needed materials for you directly. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Function: Reagent
Fillers and Extenders -- Rice Flour
from Composition Materials Co., Inc.

Composition Materials diversified line of Fillers & Extenders [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: General Industrial
  • Function: Extender
Molykote® 7365 Lubolid Additive Powder
from Dow Corning - Molykote®

Friction control additive in powder form. APPLICATIONS. Molykote ® Lubolid Additive Powders are suitable for use in the following applications: Pads of disc brakes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Linings for drum brakes. Pads for rail road disc brakes. Brake shoes for rail road wheel... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders; Inorganic / Salt
  • Applications: Plastics / Composites
  • Function: Film Former / EP; Lubricity Agent
Microparticles, E Series
from Esprix Technologies

Melamine. Benzoguanamine. Spherical Powders. Characteristics. Thermoset spherical powders produced from Melamine and Benzoguanamine with excellent heat, solvent, alkaline, and acid resistance. High mechanical strength. Positive charge (+). Applications. Flatting agent. Anti-blocking agent. Light... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Adhesives or Sealants; Coatings or Paint; Elastomers / Rubbers; Plastics / Composites; Pulp & Paper; Flatting Agent; Anti-blocking Agent; Light Diffusion Agent; Slipping Agent; Additive for Toner to Control Electrification Properties
  • Function: Lubricity Agent
Sludge Set Drying Agent for Water-Based Sludges & Slurries
from Fortrans Inc.

Sludge Set ™. Fast, New Drying Agent for Water-Based Sludges & Slurries. Even normal dredging operations create sludge and slurry. As it can contain hazardous or noxious materials, sludge and slurry must be cleaned and disposed of properly, and proper disposal requires sludge to be solidified... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders; Organic / Polymer
  • Applications: Mining / Minerals; Oils & Fuels; Water Treatment
  • Function: Unlisted, Proprietary or Specialized Function; Drying Agent
from Halliburton

BARAFOS® thinner is a phosphate based product that acts as a thinner and dispersant in freshwater drilling fluids. It is environmentally responsible and contains no heavy metals. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Oils & Fuels
  • Function: Rhelogy Modifiers (Flow Agents); Thinner / Flow Promoter
DPD Reagent Powder Pops
from HF scientific

DPD Powder Pops are individually packaged doses of reagent used to deliver a measured amount of DPD Reagent to a 5, 10 or 25ml testing sample. Packaged in 200 or 1000 count units they are a convenient way to test for chlorine in HF scientific and other manufacturer ’s photometers. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Water Treatment
  • Function: Reagent; Reference / Chemical Standard
10 Gal Bio-Cartridge Retail Kit -- VCBC10RK
from Hydrofarm, Inc.

Comes with cartridges and bags. The Vermi T Bio-Cartridge holds a plethora of bio diversity that isn 't found in any other tea on the market. The coco woven husk that packages the dry ingredients mimics the root structure of a plant with its fibrous strands. A balanced and unparalleled mixture... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Liquids; Powders
  • Applications: Agriculture
DeFoamer -- Foam Retarder
from Pavco, Inc.

Foam Retarder - is a powdered additive used to reduce foam and sediment buildups and to help eliminate hydrogen explosions. [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Waste Treatment
  • Function: Defoamer / Deaerator (Air Release); Unlisted, Proprietary or Specialized Function; Waste Treatment Products
Glassflake Additive -- Amercoat 880
from PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

Glassflake additive that provides mechanical film reinforcement [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Coatings or Paint
  • Function: Unlisted, Proprietary or Specialized Function; Glassflake Additive
Abrasive Suspension Agent -- AmberLap™ S600
from Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

AmberLap ™ S600. Abrasive Suspension Agent. Specialty Fluids AmberLap ™ S600 is a water dispersible, abrasive suspension agent designed for use in the free abrasive lapping of silicon wafers and other ceramic substrates. When used with an AmberCut slurry vehicle, it imparts excellent... [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Lapping
  • Function: Deflocculants / Dispersing Agents; Surface Active Agent
Chloroparaffin, 70% Cl -- P 103 - 100gm
from Scientific Polymer Products, Inc.

Chloroparaffin, 70% Cl. Catalog # : P-103. CAS : 63449-39-8. Physical Form : Powder. Mw : 1,000. Density (g/cc) : 1.6 (25C). Refractive Index : 1.551. Viscosity : 27,800cp (130C). Fp (F) : 392. Tm (C) : 95-110. TSCA : TSCA listed [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Function: Plasticizer
[2-(Trimethylammonium)ethyl] Methanethiosulfonate Chloride.. -- T795903
from Toronto Research Chemicals, Inc.

MTS & Sulfhydryl Active Reagents [See More]

  • Form & Features: Powders
  • Applications: Pharmaceuticals
  • Function: Reagent