Coating / Thinset Cement, Concrete, and Mortar

PC® High Temperature Anti-Abrasive (H.T.A.A.)
from Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® Insulation

A one component dry mix of modified calcium sulphate with inert mineral fillers. It is used as a reinforcement for high temperature applications and when needed for dual temperature applications. When dry it forms a hard protective surface which fills the surface cells of the insulation and provides... [See More]

  • Cement / Raw Material Form: Coating, Thinset or Plaster Coating
  • Bond & Processing: Sulfate Bond
  • Material Type: Calcium Sulfate
  • Cure Time: 60 to 120
Electrical Refractory Cement -- No. 75
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen Electrical Refractory Cement No. 75 is a castable, hydraulically-setting cement used as a bonding mortar or refractory coating for high-temperature assembling, encapsulating and potting applications. No. 75 may also be cast or gunite applied to protect concrete from thermal shock. [See More]

  • Cement / Raw Material Form: Cement or Binder; Coating, Thinset or Plaster Coating; Mortar
  • Bond & Processing: Calcium Aluminate Bond
  • Material Type: Ca Aluminate
  • Technology / Cure Type: Hydraulic