Pneumatic (Compressed Air) Rubber Tubing

from RS Components, Ltd.

Nitrile Tubing is widely used in industrial applications requiring chemical resistance. It is economical, offers standard properties and is recommended for the transfer of hydrocarbon fluids and mineral oils. Typical applications include fuel and lubricant transportation, gas transmission lines, and... [See More]

  • Application: Compressed Air; Compressed Air
  • Design Units: Metric
  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Outside Diameter: 0.276
VERSILIC® High Strength Silicone Pressure Tubing SPX-70 I.B.
from Total Plastics, Inc.

Translucent. Produced from a proprietary combination of silicone elastomers, Versilic ® SPX -70 IB Tubing optimizes critical physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and compression set, resulting in a more physically durable product. Its ultra-smooth inner bore reduces the risk... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Food & Beverage; Compressed Air
  • Design Units: English
  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Outside Diameter: 0.443 to 1.900