Synthetic Hydraulic Oils and Transmission Fluids Datasheets

BP Autran Syn-295 Full Synthetic
from BP Lubricants North America

A healthy transmission is a productive one. Whether your trucks are hauling cargo across the country or idling in city traffic, stress is being put on your transmission. The first step to managing the daily strain on your transmission and maximizing its performance is to choose a premium... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 37.7
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive
  • Viscosity Index: 165
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids (FRHF) -- Castrol Anvol SWX FM
from Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.

Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of world-class Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids (FRHF) and product support services that will help you to: Minimise the risk and consequences of a fire resulting from fluid escaping a hydraulic system. Prolong the life of hydraulic systems. Obtain optimum... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic; Ester
  • Grade / Approvals: (ISO 6743-4 HFDU type)
  • Type / Function: Hydraulic; Lubricating; Fire Resistant
Transmission Fluid -- Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF
from Chevron Lubricants

A unique, high-quality, multifunctional fluid designed for use in transmission, final drives, wet brakes and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment with a common fluid reservoir. Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF meets John Deere J20C and J20D specifications and provides exceptional... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic
  • Grade / Approvals: John Deere J20C and J20D
  • Type / Function: Hydraulic; TransmissionDrive
Automotive Gear Fluids -- Synthetic Gear Lubricants
from CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO Synthetic Gear Lubricants are heavy-duty, synthetic gear and bearing lubricants designed for use in manual transmissions, transfer cases and differential axles of trucks, farm tractors, construction, passenger cars and miscellaneous industrial equipment. Blended from very high viscosity index,... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Straight; Synthetic
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 111 to 273
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive; Lubricating; Low / Non-foaming
  • Viscosity Index: 142 to 151
Molykote® L-1168 Synthetic Gear Oil - ISO 680
from Dow Corning - Molykote®

ISO 680 gear oil intended for use in worm gear applications. Composition of polyalpha olefin (PAO) and other synthetic hydrocarbons. Does not contain additives harmful to bronze worm gears. Molykote ® Gearbox and Chain Oils help prevent wear and process interruptions in power transmission... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 48 to 674
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive; Lubricating
  • Viscosity Index: 128
Phosphate Ester -- Houghto-Safe® 1120
from Houghton International, Inc.

Houghto-Safe ® 1120 is a phosphate ester fluid that combines fire resistance with excellent lubricating properties. It is approved for operation in most types of pumps and associated hydraulic components. Houghto-Safe 1120 is made from triaryl phosphate ester plus corrosion and oxidation... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic; Ester
  • Type / Function: Hydraulic; Lubricating; Fire-resistant
Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF
from Mobil Industrial Lubricants

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern passenger vehicles. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is a multi-vehicle, fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid that outperforms conventional automatic transmission fluids and offers exceptional thermal stability. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF is engineered... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Straight; Synthetic
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 36.3
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive; Lubricating
  • Viscosity Index: 176
Automotive Transmission Fluids
from Phillips 66 Lubricants

Led by our VersaTrans ® line, Phillips 66 transmission fluids provide consistently smooth shift performance even under extreme operating conditions. We ’ve carefully balanced their frictional properties for smooth shifting and excellent anti-shudder performance. And we ’ve engineered... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 32.1 to 43
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive
  • Viscosity Index: 146 to 189
High Viscosity, High Traction Fluid -- Santotrac® 70
from SantoLubes LLC

SANTOTRAC 70 Traction Fluid is a medium viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon-based traction fluid that is especially designed for applications where medium to high film strength is desired. This product has high coefficient of traction and is fortified with a proprietary additive system to enhance its... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Straight; Synthetic; Proprietary Hydrocarbon; Specialty, Proprietary or Other Additions
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 120
  • Type / Function: TransmissionDrive; Lubricating
AeroShell Aerospace Hydraulic Fluids
from Shell Lubricants

AeroShell Hydraulic Fluids. AeroShell Fluid 31 - super-clean, fire-resistant, synthetic hydrocarbon hydraulic fluid. AeroShell Fluid 41and 41 - mineral hydraulic fluids, the latter has superior cleanliness characteristics and is the more widely used grade. AeroShell Fluid 61 – a preservative,... [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Petroleum; Synthetic
  • Grade / Approvals: MIL-SPEC Approvals: MIL-E-6059A, MIL-C-6529C Type I
  • Type / Function: Hydraulic
Hydraulic Oils -- BIOHYDRAN TMP
from Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

Biodegradable, synthetic ester based, anti-wear hydraulic oil designed for applications operating in environmentally sensitive areas. [See More]

  • Composition / Chemistry: Synthetic
  • Type / Function: Hydraulic; Lubricating