Plastic / FRP Composite Panels Datasheets

LAST-A-FOAM® Aerospace Grade Series -- FR-6710 TDS
from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

The LAST-A-FOAM ® FR-6700 is a polyurethane that meets requirements of Boeing BMS 8-133, McDonnell-Douglas DMS-1937, and Federal Aviation Regulation FAR 25.853 (a) and (b). It is specifically designed to meet the physical properties , flammability performance requirements, and processing... [See More]

  • Skin Type: Plastic / Polymer
  • Shear: 239 to 254
  • Core Type: Solid Core
  • Application: Aerospace
PC2 Polycarbonate Honeycomb
from Plascore Incorporated

PC2 polycarbonate honeycomb exhibits a unique cell structure. The core has 3 orientations vs. the 2 orientations common with other honeycomb, making its properties more uniform. Each cell has a tubular form and is inherently stable. Features: • Excellent dielectric properties. • Good... [See More]

  • Skin Type: Plastic / Polymer
  • Width: 60
  • Core Type: Honeycomb
  • Length: 12.5
COMPOSOLITE Fiberglass Building Panel System
from Strongwell Corporation

COMPOSOLITE ® is a patented advanced composite building panel system suitable for major load bearing structural applications. The modular construction system consists of a small number of interlocking fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural components produced by the pultrusion process. The... [See More]

  • Skin Type: Plastic / Polymer
  • Width: 24
  • Thickness: 3
  • Application: Construction; Industrial