Step-Down Transformer Isolation Transformers Datasheets

Medical Isolation Power Single Phase Transformer -- N-255MG*
from Triad Magnetics

Description. Triad isolation single phase transformers are power transformers for isolating equipment from direct connection to the power line. They are offered in a variety of voltages and case types. Triad isolation transformers are also offered in hospital type (designed with an MD suffix) which... [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Output Type: AC
  • Other Transformer Types / Applications: Single Phase Transformer
  • Mounting: Chassis
Drive Isolation Transformers: Group A - Primary 460V Delta; Secondary 230Y/133
from Acme Electric Corp. / Power Distribution Products

All Acme Drive Isolation Transformers (DITs) above 7.5kVA are wound with strip windings to ensure the lowest possible eddy current losses. All our DITs use a three leg wound core. This superior design has very low losses and quiet operation. Both of these features combine to significantly reduce... [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Mounting: Pad-Mounted
  • Output Type: AC
  • Input Voltage: 460
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

The attractive 70000 Series PC Mount toroidal step-down transformers offers the design engineer the same features as our non-encapsulated toroidal power transformers, namely, very low EMR (magnetic strayfields), quiet operation, low temperature rise, low profile, low no-load current and very low... [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Input Voltage: 115 to 230
  • Operating Frequency: 50 to 60
  • Output Voltage: 12
Yuan Dean - 42T Series -- 42T-3042C
from D and N Electronics, Inc.

FEATURES: ● The pulse masks are easily realized due to adjusted leakage inductances. ● Optimum common mode rejection of the output signal due to low coupling capactances. ● The impedance masks are reliably fulfilled even during DC premagnetization. ● High DC capability,... [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Mounting: Chip Transformer; PCB/SMD
  • Output Type: AC
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70
General Purpose Coupling Transformer -- PM-NW10
from Premier Magnetics, Inc.

Wide Selection of Standard Types. Fast Rise Times. Industry Standard Package. 2000Vrms Minimum Isolation Voltage. Low Leakage Ind. and Winding Capacitance. Insulation Resistance 10,000M W Minimum. Average Power Rating 500 mW (40 O C Rise). Peak Pulse Voltage 100V. Dissipation Rating 150 mW. Custom... [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
  • Mounting: PCB/SMD
APC Smart-UPS RT Tower Isolation/Step-Down Transformer -- SURT003

Smart-UPS RT Tower Isolation/Step-Down Transformer. Features: - Designed for use as an isolation transformer and it also functions as a step-down transformer. - Heavy duty design. - Black finish [See More]

  • Winding Turns: Step-Down Transformer