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  • Proper Fastener Selection and Application are Key to Bolted Joints That Won't Loosen or Lose Clamping Force
    What's a nice bolt like you doing in a joint like this? The right fastener and proper installation methods keep bolted joints from loosening. Experimental Analysis of Thread Movement in Bolted Connections Due to Vibration, Auburn University report prepared for NASA research project NAS8-39131, 1995
  • Using Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects
    Certain classes of building defects continue to plague the construction industry despite a variety of defensive techniques put in place to prevent them. The defects occur when a nail, screw or staple penetrates a drain or vent pipe and the problem goes undetected because the pipe doesn't
  • Using Thermography to Find a Class of Latent Construction Defects in Drain and Vent Pipes
    An issue that continues to plague the construction industry, nails and screws coming into contact with copper water pipes, can be diagnosed with infrared thermography. A leak may not immediately occur, but galvanic action between the steel fastener and the copper pipe will eventually lead to a hole
  • Hi-Performance Fastening Systems: More Than Just a Fastener Supplier
    Hi-Performance Fastening Systems manufactures specialty and proprietary cold-headed fasteners serving the distribution, heavy truck, tiered automotive, agriculture, lawn and garden, appliance, consumer, electronics, construction, renewable energy and off-road/emergency vehicle markets. Although
  • Conducting a Whole House Inspection for Latent Fastener-into-Pipe Defects Using Visual and Thermal Information
    A certain class of building defects continues to plague the construction industry, despite a variety of defensive techniques put in place to prevent them. The defects occur when a nail or screw comes into contact with a copper pipe or penetrates a plastic pipe carrying fluids. If these defects
  • Quick-operating Fasteners
    These fasteners should be used when repeated access to a component is necessary. When selecting these fasteners, important factors include strength of construction, smoothness of operation, and ease of installation. Speed can be a consideration if many fasteners are involved. Simplicity of fastener
  • Stamped Rings
    Stamped retaining rings have a tapered radial width that decreases symmetrically from the center section to the free ends. Tapered construction permits the rings to remain circular when they are expanded for assembly over a shaft or contracted for insertion into a bore or housing. This constant
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    , fastener magazines, positioners, small presses, clamps, grippers, and many other assembly and dispensing tools. The typical approach with embeddable sensors is to use the structure of the target appliance or machine itself to protect and house the sensor, much as with any electronic component
  • Forget general-purpose software -- Get Focused
    Most general-purpose design and simulation programs can be customized so nonspecialized users turn out the work of experts. Detailed assembly instructions can be sent to construction sites and received on handheld computers. The product configurator design by Vlad Zila for an architectural company

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