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  • China ups the motor ante
    China's motor manufacturers are well versed in small, standard motors. Now they're setting their sights on steppers and servos. Chinese manufacturers have been making motors for years. The majority of these have been small ac and dc units for electric tools, toys, and other high-volume applications
  • How to speed up dc motor selection
    Recent advances in electric motors and controllers improve their speed, acceleration, controllability, and reliability, while allowing designers a wider choice of power and torque. Selecting a fractional hp dc motor is easier when you know how to handle motor constant . Guidelines used by experts
  • Overheating Electric Motors: One Root Cause of Insulation Failure
    application instead of one or two components, true troubleshooting solutions become available. Maintenance experts agree that excessive heat causes rapid deterioration of the winding insulation within motors. The common rule states, for every 10oC of additional heat to the windings, the insulation life
  • AWA Surge Test Pass/Fail Criteria
    be difficult to automate this process. Good windings surge signatures will coincide very closely. These types of electric motors are most often built with rectangular wire, which then become the coils. These are almost always used in medium and high voltage motors. (Example: 2300 Vac, 200 H.P.
  • AC Motors
    A synchronous and synchronous motors are the two main categories of ac motors. The induction motor is a common form of asynchronous motor and is basically an ac transformer with a rotating secondary. The primary winding (stator) is connected to the power source and the shorted secondary (rotor
  • Getting torque-to-inertia right
    The case of a pulsating-load testing machine shows how to ballpark qualities that are important for deploying electric motors. A 15-hp, E-182 frame brushless-dc motor from Powertec uses neodymium permanent magnets on the shaft and a conventional three-phase stator winding. An internal resolver
  • Neo magnets boost fuel economy
    A disassembled ECF motor has four new injection-molded Neo arcs installed (arrows), and the armature winding removed in preparation for rewinding. Permanent-magnet performance is measured by a demagnetization characteristic. The standard ceramic ferrite magnet has the lowest magnetic properties
  • U.S. Patents | October 2006 | A B T |
    Nam, Il Hwan Kim, and Jin Ho Park, Hyundai Motor Co. (KR) and Kia Motors Corp. (KR). U.S. 7,084,606 (20060801), Non-polarity charging device, I-Chang Chang, Iwei Technology Co., Ltd. (TW). U.S. 7,084,607 (20060801), Battery charger having fixed ends for winding and releasing wires, Jose Wei (TW

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