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  • Atmospheric Plasma Analysis by Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry (.pdf)
    , it is important to know the energy and identity of the impinging species. Atmospheric discharges from a number of gas mixtures have been studied using a Hiden EQP mass/energy analyser. The discharges were generated by a radio frequency driven atmospheric plasma source and sampled using a multi-stage
  • Developing an ultraclean pumping system for low-pressure, high-gas-flow applications
    accompanied by a huge amount of reaction-gas generation from large wafer surfaces, typically a few hundred standard cubic centimeters per minute for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and reactive ion etching (RIE). In order to obtain high-quality processes, source gas concentrations
    Applied Materials has added an innovation to its dielectric CVD tools that "virtually eliminates " PFC emissions to the atmosphere, the fab equipment giant announced. The new remote plasma clean process converts source gases to active atoms in a plasma located upstream of the process chamber
  • MICRO: Products
    , and microturbine components. The family consists of the Multiplex single-wafer or batch plasma etch or deposition system for R &D applications, which has a vacuum loadlock and one etch or deposition source; the MACS for pilot production, a cassette-to-cassette upgrade to the Mulitplex for loadlocked
  • New "window " of opportunity for e-beam welding
    with differentially pumped sections to separate the vacuum from atmospheric pressure. Weld quality suffers because gas molecules scatter and diffuse the electron beam as it travels from the source to the work surface. Partial-vacuum electron beam welding is typically done at a chamber pressure of about
  • MICRO: Green Manufacturing
    (TLVs) and immediate-danger-to-life-and-health (IDLH) levels of these gases. In order to ensure safe operations, many IC manufacturers use sub-atmospheric-pressure gas-delivery sources and implement other measures to minimize personnel exposure to implant dopants. Only small fractions of the dopants
  • MDL:Micro:September 97: Product Technology News
    stripping applications. The retrofittable system is based on the Aspen Strip platform, which uses inductively coupled plasma source technology and in situ cleaning to remove resist and residue at low mobile ion contamination levels.

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