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  • High Speed Harmonic Drive Gearing (.pdf)
    with higher speed option. Harmonic drive gearing is a popular choice for many automation applications because of its superior power transmission qualities, which include zero backlash, high torsional stiffness,high positional accuracy, and torque-to-weight ratios. Until recently, however, the lowest gear
  • Harmonic Drives ROI
    Harmonic Drive located in Peabody, MA is a leading manufacturer of precision gears, gearheads, servo actuators and motion control systems. The Pratt and Whitney Labmaster Universal has helped Harmonic Drive achieve the high precision they need. Accurate to 0.000002-inch (2 millionths of an inch
  • Harmonic Mitigation in Variable Frequency Drives: 6-Pulse Drive with Matrix AP Harmonic Filter vs. AFE Drive
    The proliferation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) has brought increased attention to harmonic effects created by drives. A standard 6-pulse drive with no harmonic mitigation technology may interfere with neighboring equipment, reduce equipment life, and negatively impact the utility power
  • Sometimes it pays to be eccentric
    There's more than one way to get high positional accuracy, minimal backlash, and high reduction rations in small packages. An unassembled harmonic-drive gear from HD Systems Inc., Hauppauge, N.Y., shows the three main components. The reducer includes a wave generator, far left, which engages
  • Test-Bed to Measure the Performance Criteria of Actuators - University of Texas Robotics Research Group
    . In order to simulate the most general situations during real operation of the actuator, two different types of loads (such as load motor with harmonic drive, and a non- linear load produced by a four bar linkages) can be applied. The NTBA will validate if the proposed prime mover criteria can
  • Latest Rotary Fabricating and Die Cutting Systems By Pace Converting Equipment Co., Inc. Utilize CD (R) Couplings and Eliminate Backlash in System Drive Train
    Cleveland, Ohio: High speed rotary fabricating and die cutting machinery employ phase adjusting differentials connected by means of backlash-free CD (R) couplings from Zero-Max. The couplings damp out any backlash or harmonic tendencies that might occur in the system's series of fabricating and die
  • A New Solution for Harmonics Generated by Variable Speed Drives (.pdf)
    The need for harmonic mitigating devices is growing because of the rapid increase in variable speed drive (VSD) usage in industrial and commercial applications and the corresponding growth in harmonic-related problems. A new state-of-the-art passive universal harmonic filter (UHF) is designed
  • Economical Retrofits Outshine Servo Systems
    A central impression press made with a mechanical drive train uses gears, a timing belt, and chains. These machines develop registration problems over time as gears wear. Your old web-printing press can be upgraded in order to run different materials without incurring the cost of buying a new
  • Sizing Three-Phase Inverters for Single-Phase Power Applications (.pdf)
    destroy the input of the drive if an oversized inverter were not used. Furthermore, full-wave rectified single-phase power has a much higher harmonic content than full-wave rectified three-phase power. This would introduce large ripple into the DC bus of the inverter, potentially causing other

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