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  • No power? No problem
    Written-Pole technology combine the efficiency and constant-speed characteristics of a synchronous motor with the high-starting torque of
  • RF Power: GaN Moves In for the Kill
    papers, analyst reports, and corporate brochures. After all, GaN has at least ten times the power density per millimeter of transistor gate periphery, higher operating voltages (reducing impedance transformation issues), higher efficiency, and the ability to combine high RF power output over broad
  • 2003 Cadillac Escalade -- Charged with massive power
    Designed to appeal to a younger buyer base, the Cadillac Escalade has achieved its goal in a big way. No other SUV packs as much power in its holster as the Escalade. The vehicle's Gen III V8 engine, a high-compression 6.0-liter Vortec powerhouse, takes you from 0 to 60 in less than 9 sec
  • Solid-State ac Power Sources for Transformer Testing
    High-power electronics can now replace motor-generator sets for testing distribution transformers. * Solid-state ac-power sources combine the variable-frequency and voltage-power sources into a single package. * Tests sets are hardened against impulse events like those caused by lightning-strike
  • Wide VIN Power Management ICs Simplify Design, Reduce BOM Cost, and Enhance Reliability
    Increasingly, wide input voltage power management integrated circuits (ICs) that combine features previously available only at lower voltages are now available at competitive prices. High-voltage power management ICs can simplify the design of high-voltage power management solutions. This paper
  • Computer Power User Article - X-ray Vision: Nanotubes
    of years. FEDs (field emission displays) featuring carbon nanotubes may very well become the next hot technology for large-screen TVs and computer displays. FEDs combine the best features found in CRTs and flat-screen LCDs and plasma displays. Although the nanotechnology behind FEDs is still under
  • Combination of Sensing Techniques Checks Laser Weld Quality
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A trio of sensing techniques combine to form a single, reliable system that can inspect the quality of high-power laser welding, according to a study at Ohio State University. While each individual technique inspects welds with only modest accuracy, combining the three can detect
  • Convergent Designs Demand Smarter Battery Charging
    revered for its unique ability to combine high capacity, small size, light weight, and durability. Equally essential is the battery charger IC, a power electronic component which controls Li-Ion cell-charging conditions to minimize charging time while maximizing battery life, the number of charging

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