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  • Nacelle - System and Components
    Wind turbine nacelles are the heart of the turbine, alike the engine room on a ship. It houses all the critical components that finally transform the wind's kinetic energy into a spinning generator, which then generates the electricity.
  • Engine Inverter Doors Control
    Aircelle is one of the leading players in the global nacelle market. It produces large and small nacelles, thrust reversers and aerostructures. A subsidiary of SAFRAN, Aircelle employs 3 000 people on seven different sites located in France, England and Morocco. The company uses three Creaform
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturer Implements Clean Air Initiative
    When you think about generating electricity from wind, clean energy comes to mind. However, the wind turbine production process can be a major source of air pollution without the proper controls in place. Manufacturing and painting the blades, towers and nacelles requires composite construction
  • Application Note - Windmills (.pdf)
    One source of alternate clean energy is use of windmills for electrical power generation. Today's advanced windmills provide many sensors within the nacelle all connected to a PC to monitor and control windmill operation and data collection. Large windmills exceeding 2 Megawatts or more electrical
  • Where adhesives beat mechanical fasteners
    the leads with low-mass LCMs in a hand-tool motor lets designers eliminate some postjoining finishing. Lenses of fog-light nacelles were originally bonded and sealed to the housing using silicone. However, production was slow (24 hr) because of long cure cycles. Switching to LCM adhesives not only reduced
  • Lighting Strike Test Results
    nacelle applications subjected to lightning strike effects, it has been an industry practice to use a series of external metal mesh products such as copper, aluminum,. phosphorous bronze wire interwoven with carbon, nickel coated interwoven carbon fiber, and nickel coated non-woven veils. Certain
  • Benefits of IEPE accelerometer isolation design
    market has made them the sensor of choice for monitoring these massive, slow speed equipment. Effective. wind turbine monitoring is performed in the nacelle with sensors located at five key locations. ISO 10816 standards for condition monitoring of onshore wind turbines (Part 21) identifies
  • When lightning strikes wind turbines
    resides. The control technology for sensors and actuators, gear and generator monitoring, and the motors for steering the nacelle into the wind all reside in the nacelle. In wind turbines that have pitch systems, additional control and motor technology sits in the rotor hub for adjusting the rotor
  • Lightning Strike Protection for Carbon Fiber Aircraft
    for commercial nacelle. applications subjected to lightning strike effects, it has been. an industry practice to use a series of external metal mesh. products such as copper, aluminum, phosphorous bronze wire. interwoven with carbon, nickel coated interwoven carbon fiber,. and nickel coated non-woven veils
  • ON THE DRAWING BOARD: Hybrid jet to combine turbine and ramjet technologies
    a role as well. The RTA is envisioned as using turbine-based jet technology to reach Mach 3 and then transition to a ramjet for speeds to Mach 4 and higher, all in a single nacelle. During the turbine phase, a spinning compressor increases pressure of the incoming air. The high-pressure air mixes

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