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  • Solid-state RF switches
    The simplest solid-state RF switch employs a PIN diode as a switching element. PIN diodes are named for a region of undoped intrinsic semiconductor lying between their p and n-type material. This area eliminates capacitance effects between the n and p-type areas that can otherwise lower device
  • RF Circuit Design, Second Edition
    RF Circuit Design, Second Edition. Explaining how to design and integrate an RF component in a very practical fashion, this comprehensive guide has been updated to include today's integrated circuit (IC) and system-level design issues as well as keeping its classic "wire lead" material.
  • RF Power: GaN Moves In for the Kill
    Is gallium nitride (GaN) the wide bandgap material that will turn RF power generation on its head and relegate gallium arsenide (GaAs) and LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) to the annals of history? Well you'd certainly think so, based on articles in the trade press, symposium
  • Microwave Material Measurements Without Cables
    Measuring the performance of microwave materials requires a test apparatus that includes a measurement fixture and a microwave analyzer, which are usually connected with microwave or radio frequency (RF) cables. These RF cables are the bane of many measurement scenarios and can be a significant
  • Comparison of RF Terminations with BeO and ALN Substrates
    Terminations designed to dissipate significant amounts of power at RF frequencies have traditionally been fabricated on beryllium oxide (BeO) substrates. The high thermal conductivity and moderate dielectric constant make BeO an ideal choice for this application. Increased regulation regarding
  • Investigation of Trim Notch and its Effect on Surface Mount Resistors in RF Circuits
    Surface mount (SMD) resistors are often employed in microstrip circuitry at RF frequencies. Typical SMD resistors designed for general purpose circuitry are usually trimmed using plunge trim or "L" trim techniques. This involves removal of material in a narrow groove either perpendicular
  • HBT Epitaxial Material Matching and Qualification for High Volume Production
    Reliable and reproducible epitaxy (epi) materials are. critical to the success of a high volume compound. semiconductor fabrication line. An efficient epi matching and. qualification procedure among different epi reactors and. suppliers is paramount to supporting rapid fab capacity ramp. to keep
  • Medical Device Link .
    RF welding dials can be used to manufacture vascular intensifiers. Heated platens mounted on two 12-ft dials are used to bring the PVC or polyethylene material up to the proper temperature. The top sheet and loop material are loaded onto the first dial. After coming up to the proper temperature

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