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  • Fluid Flow Software Tools Help Avoid Engineering Errors
    Advances in computer technology are providing better tools to simplify the tasks faced by engineers, especially those responsible for designing and managing process lines that handle fluids and gases. Tools, such as ABZ, Inc.'s Design Flow Solutions software, allow quick solutions to fluid flow
  • MICRO:Archive:July 97:Movin On
    of SIA's public policy committee and a former board member of both Sematech and SRC.... Randy Truby was chosen president of Fluid Systems. A 20-year veteran at the San Diego based company, Truby left for two years to form Spiral Composites, a manufacturer of specialty reverse osmosis
  • Carbon Filter Questions and Answers (.pdf)
    Carbon filters are best at removing chlorine, taste, odor, color and various other organic compounds from the fluid. They are generally not effective at removing inorganic compounds or other contaminants such as microbes, sodium, nitrates, fluoride, lead, heavy metals and hardness. Specialty carbon
  • High Performance Materials Make Their Mark In Manufacturing
    their designs. This is particularly evident within the Fluid Handling Industry, where components designed for compressed air are now also used for the movement of specialty gases and corrosive fluids. Several industries utilize specialty gases and fluids such as DI water, Hydrogen, Helium, anesthesia
  • MICRO: Products In Action
    New coupling design helps eliminate spillage, contamination in UHP chemical lines Coupling designs can solve many problems facing users who must efficiently handle aggressive chemicals. Traditional poppet-style designs spill a significant amount of fluid when disconnected. Also, ultrapure fluids
  • MICRO:Archive:June 1997:Semicon Technical Programs
    , Intel A Comparative Study of Corrosion-Resistant Alloys for Use in Distribution Systems Howard Mastropiero, Evan Hinshaw, and Juan Alvarez, MKS Instruments All Vapor Phase Delivery of Electronic Specialty Gases Hwa-Chi Wang, Richard Udischas, and Benjamin Jurcik, Air Liquide Analysis of Cost vs
  • PAT Provides New Insights Into Drying
    Instruments, whose specialty is effusivity sensing, has placed evaluation instruments in and maintains evaluation projects at around a dozen pharmaceutical facilities. A nondestructive technique, effusivity supplies heat, then measures how rapidly heat flows out of a material. As an online method
  • Isolator Systems Take On Clean Rooms
    to pass , at least for the time being , on the new technology. The success of isolator technology has not gone unnoticed by traditional equipment manufacturers. For the past five years Glatt Air Techniques of Ramsey, N.J., which specializes in fluid bed processing equipment, designed containment

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