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  • Back-to-Back Accelerometer Calibration
    To calibrate a vibration accelerometer is to accurately determine its sensitivity (in mV/g or pC/g) at various frequencies of interest. The ISA approved back-toback comparison method is probably the most convenient and least expensive technique.
  • Vibration Measurements: Accelerometer Basics
    ...discuss and compare several different accelerometer types that can be used for vibration measurement.
  • Accelerometer Mounting Considerations
    An accelerometer is an instrument that senses the motion of a surface to which it is attached, producing an electrical output signal precisely analogous to that motion. The ability to couple motion, (in the form of vibration or shock), to the accelerometer with high fidelity, is highly dependent
  • Triax Accelerometer for Race Car Performance
    Motorsports recognizes the need for a triaxial. accelerometer that can provide accurate vibration results. in pre-race trials, and real-time measurements during the. course of an actual race. Precise data needs to be. gathered that allows the racing engineer to determine. design modifications
  • $2 smartphone accelerometer vs. high-end IEPE vibration measurement
    I've been working in test & measurement industry for a few years now and people often ask me why we sell data acquisition systems at 1000+ USD per measurement channel when a regular smartphone includes an accelerometer that you can buy online for $2. Here's why.
  • Miniature IEPE Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer for Space Applications
    There is a growing need for space-rated, high performance accelerometers with small physical dimensions, light weight, and low outgassing characteristics that has been unmet by the vibration sensor community until now. This paper describes the some of the important aspects of sensor design when
  • Wiring Guide for Dual Output Vibration and Temperature Sensors
    ). Type 1: The data-collector powered dual output sensor (Wilcoxon model 786T) is useful for acquiring data with any one of the many portable analyzers for collecting predictive data for vibration spectrum analysis. The temperature sensor is powered through the accelerometer powering circuit
  • Benefits of IEPE accelerometer isolation design
    Integrated electronics piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometers are a mainstay of the industrial vibration monitoring market. These rugged devices are found in a variety of industries monitoring anything from small circulation pumps to large cooling tower gearboxes. The explosion of the wind turbine

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