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  • Maintaining Growth in the Wind Power Industry
    Seeing wind turbines is commonplace these days and they are a large part of energy production. A wind turbine harnesses wind power to generate electricity. The most common is a horizontal axis wind turbine application which have three main components. A rotor, which the blades are attached
  • When lightning strikes wind turbines
    for lightning strikes. Operators of wind-turbine installations (WTIs) of course want to minimize downtime and repairs. So well-designed surge protection is a necessity for this equipment. WTIs have a lot of technology crammed into a small space. A transformer station inside the tower adapts the generator
  • Green technology: Inside an advanced wind turbine
    Innovative drivetrain technology is making it easier to get power from the wind. Back in the ancient times of 10 or 15 years ago, it wasn 't unusual for wind turbines to generate power in the range of tens or hundreds of kilowatts. Compared to the power levels found on the utility grid, this puny
  • April 21, 2009 - Wind-turbine drive takes the prize at Hannover Fair
    with a superimposing planetary gear stage. The system converts the variable speed of the wind-turbine rotor into a constant output speed for the generator. Control response takes as little as 20 msec, letting synchronous generators directly feed the power grid. Eliminating a frequency converter results
  • New developments on the turbine-power front
    Alternative energy is in the headlines thanks to recent efforts to generate electricity from the tides and wind. Inventor Doug Selsam's turbine produces power in 9-mph winds and puts out an average 1 kW at 25 mph (24-V nominal). Marine Current Turbines place two generating units on an arm that can
  • Battery Charging with Maximal Peak Power Tracking
    A maximal peak power tracking (MPPT) example for wind power plant is implemented in this example. The load is a battery that is subjected to a variable speed, realistic wind profile. The system simulated consist of the following components; a wind turbine, a planetary gear system, a generator
  • Structural Design Reduces Solar-Electric Power-Plant Costs and Improves Solar-Generating Efficiency
    thermal holds over other renewable resources is that, except for the troughs, the power plant is a standard design widely used by electric utilities. And generating capacity can be built close to where the power is needed. This is in contrast to wind-power-generation facilities. Because they must be near
  • Novel windmill captures more energy
    A novel 7-ft.-diameter wind turbine has set a record by producing 5.3 kW in a 32.5-mph wind. Doug Selsam holds a windmill design with 21 blades each 20-in. diameter, and a 0.75-hp generator. The design has only one moving part. Shafts on all designs are positioned at a slight angle from horizontal

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