Transformer Test Equipment Information

Transformer Test Equipment consists of specialized test modules or systems used to test and/or monitor electrical and mechanical parameters of transformers and other related devices. Transformers can provide reliable service for extended periods of time if they are maintained and services regularly. Transformer test equipment is designed for maintenance of basic loss measurement systems to complete production line testing. Common types of transformer test equipment include frequency analysis equipment, loss management equipment, applied potential testing, megohmmeters, turns-ratio testing, and other transformer testing applications. 


Frequency analysis and loss management transformer testing are two applications that use transformer test equipment. Transformer test equipment that responds to frequency analysis is designed to detect winding fault movements in most distribution and power transformers. Frequency analysis transformer test equipment are portable devices that detect faults that are commonly caused by shipping damage, loose clamping structures, aging, and other common frequency disruptions. Loss management transformer test equipment models are self-contained, movable systems that are designed for testing single-phase distribution transformers. This type of transformer test equipment is best-suited for use in transformer yards, fields, or in a shop. Loss management transformer test equipment measures excitation currents, load losses, impedance voltage, and efficiency and impedance percentages. 

Types of Transformer Test Equipment

Applied potential testing, insulation resistance, and turns-ratio testing are common types of transformer test equipment. Potential testing equipment is available in permanent and portable models. Permanent potential testing equipment is called AC dielectric test systems. These transformer test system is designed to perform dielectric testing on motors, arrestors, cables, switchgear, brushings, capacitors, fuses, and other dielectric applications.  Portable AC dielectric transformer test equipment is suited for testing a range of electrical equipment. Megohmmeters are a type of transformer test equipment that tests the insulation resistance of wires, cables, and electrical motors. Other applications for megohmmeters include testing the insulation resistance of cable reels, rectifiers, solid-state diodes, and other electrical components. Turns-ratio transformer test equipment is a microprocessor-based, three-phase transformer-turns-ratio tester. Turns-ratio testers measure the voltage across the transformers windings and displays the ratios of these measurements. This transformer test equipment is portable and can be used in the field or in a laboratory setting. Other types of transformer test equipment are also readily available. 


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