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Many industries require equipment that meets specific design and construction
criteria to ensure "sanitary" conditions. Here, "sanitary" does not refer to waste
treatment applications but to highly "clean" conditions. The most common usage
of sanitary flowmeters is in industries where bacteria growth and product contamination
are a critical concern, such as in the production of food, dairy, and pharmaceutical
products. Although this is the prime consideration in selecting a sanitarytype
flowmeter, applications in a variety of non-food industries also require sanitary
design flowmeters for reasons other than prevention of bacterial growth or
product contamination.

Design requirements and specifications for sanitary flowmeters originated in
the dairy industry. The handling and packaging of a perishable product such as
fluid milk required components that did not compound the problem of product
spoilage and bacterial growth. Equipment of all types, including flowmeters, had
to be designed to ensure that milk residue did not become trapped or be caught
and left to spoil. These pockets of spoiled product could harbor areas of harmful
bacterial growth and later contaminate fresh product. Flowmeters were designed
to eliminate cracks, crevices, and dead ends where residue could collect or pockets
of bacteria could form. In addition, flowmeters had to...

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Products & Services
Flow Controllers
Flow controllers monitor and maintain flow-rate variables, typically in process applications.
Gas Flow Meters
Gas flow meters are used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in an enclosed pipe or passage.
Liquid Flow Meters
Liquid flow meters are used to measure the volumetric flow rate or amount of a moving liquid.
Volumetric Gas Flow Switches
Volumetric gas flow switches are devices with a switch output used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in terms of a unit of volume per unit time, such as cubic feet per minute.
Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches
Volumetric liquid flow switches measure the flow or quantity of a moving fluid in terms of a unit of volume per time, such as liters per minute. These flow sensing devices have a switch output.

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