From Automation Applications in Bio-Pharmaceuticals

In order to more easily understand the information presented in this
chapter, it may be helpful for the reader to consider the activities that are
involved with making, operating, and maintaining a reliable automobile.
Automobiles are designed and tested to meet functional requirements; are
manufactured with assembly lines, properly trained personnel and use of
SOPs to ensure that a consistent product is created; then depend upon
owners to ensure that periodic oil changes and other maintenance activities
are conducted to keep the car in a reliable state. Many parallels exist
between this paradigm and that of computer validation. Specific examples
are included in this chapter.

5.1 Introduction


Processes used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals for human
consumption must be validated. The scope of validation includes not
only the chemical processing unit operations themselves but also the
supporting aspects of manufacturing operations such as assay validation,
cleaning validation, utility validation (e.g., use of purified water), and
computer validation.

A validated process is one that reproducibly meets expectations. It is generally
perceived as containing four key elements:

  • Process Definition; i.e., a description of the process when it runs
  • Demonstration; i.e., via the successful execution of test lots.
  • Documentation; i.e., if...

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