Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Ken Martin
University of Toronto Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Martin, Kenneth W. (Kenneth William), 1952-
Digital integrated circuit design / Ken Martin.
p. cm. (Oxford series in electrical and computer engineering)
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1. Digital integrated circuits Design and construction.
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About the Author

Ken Martin is the Stanley Ho Professor of Microelectronics in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto. He is coauthor, with David John, of the very popular Analog Integrated Circuit Design.


The author would like to especially acknowledge Thomas Szkopek who did most of the Spice simulations in the text and helped correct many grammatical and technical errors. Dan Vranesic and Martha Oka helped draft many of the figures. Other students who also helped on the text include Ruth Milman and Catherine Lacavera. The author would also like to acknowledge John Wiley for giving permission to copy much...